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Traceability Solutions

Traceability codes can take many forms, typically product serial numbers, batch numbers and date codes, across industries from FMCG to pharmaceutical and industrial goods. A reliable and efficient traceability solution, for tracking of products up and down a supply chain, requires printing hardware to be integrated with a software based Packaging Code Management (PCM) solution. This PCM solution can then be integrated with a broader ERP solution.

There are several printing technologies suited to traceability codes, what you choose will ultimately depend upon your application.  Variables include product substrate, production speed and duty, the production environment, printing size and capital and operating cost considerations. Matthews are able to recommend a suitable printing solution for all applications.

Packaging Code Management Software

Matthews Packaging Code Management solution, iDSnet, integrates all coding and labelling equipment on a production line, to provide end to end product traceability through the business. PCM systems can eliminate coding and labeling errors, reduce packaging and product waste and increase packaging line efficiencies.  They can also produce detailed production and fault diagnostics reports. They also enable full product traceability when linked to host ERP and WMS systems

Matthews specialises in integrating traceability coding equipment into your production line, either with other production line equipment or your overall business systems. This enhances the efficiency of your entire business, and improves your bottom line.

Integrated product traceability 

iDSnet Enterprise
The step up from Express, iDSnet Enterprise, is the solution for integrating primary, secondary and tertiary packaging coders, applying SSCC and GS1 compliant barcodes and integration into ERP/WMS system and other packaging machinery on your producti ...
iDSnet Express
iDSnet Express is our off-the-shelf standard solution for integrating coders and labellers along one or more production lines. It allows you to centrally design, select and download messages from a PC to a coder or labeller.
iDSnet Manager
A powerful add-on module to iDSnet Enterprise, it provides real-time, in depth reporting on production efficiency and production downtime.
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Real Time Performance Monitoring
iDSnet Manager gives you in-depth, real-time visibility and control of your production lines, by creating detailed production reports.