Meet the Matthews Chameleon

Chameleon 3The Matthews Chameleon, which we call “iQ”, expresses our core values. This symbol not only stands for the intelligence behind our technology and solutions, but is also a very visible representation of our adaptability, quality service and our forward-thinking approach. 

Intelligent: Named “iQ”, the chameleon represents the intelligence we put behind every solution for our customers. Our aim is to provide intelligent product ID solutions that can not only code, label and check but will also empower you to optimise efficiency and improve your bottom line.

Insightful: The chameleon can uniquely move its eyes independently, quickly identifying changes to its surroundings. Matthews also has an ability to look in many directions – outwardly to our customers and their industry sectors, and inwardly to improve our own processes and environment. Drawing on 150 years of international experience, we also constantly look ahead to provide you with new, innovative technologies.Chameleon 1

Highly Adaptable: Like the chameleon, Matthews has a strong reputation for our ability to tailor solutions to meet your unique needs. Whether you need RFID or barcodes, inkjet or labelling, we offer a multi-product range so you get the best solution for your environment. Our ability to adapt to, and seamlessly blend with, your particular environment is unparalleled in the coding and marking industry.

Quality service: The chameleon’s remarkable sticky tongue secures food from a long distance. When Matthews’ customers get a taste of our service, they too like to stick with us. We have a diverse large installation base across a wide range of industries from Timber to Food & Grocery, including Berri, SPC/Ardmona and Cadbury Schweppes. Thanks to our work ethic, experience and quality service, our customers remain loyal.

Chameleon 5Fast growing: Quickly growing, the chameleon often reaches maturity in its first year. Matthews is one of the fastest growing coding and marking companies in Australia.

Invisible: Blending with its environment, the chameleon is often invisible to the human eye – just as an effective coding and marking system should be invisible to your operation. If you're noticing it, there's probably something wrong. Matthews’ products and services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your production and packaging environment. That is exactly what intelligent identification is all about.

Specialist skills: The chameleon’s toes are fused into two groups and its tail can wrap around items, giving stability and the ability to grasp objects. At Matthews, we have specially trained staff to help grasp the complexity of your needs. We hire people with a strategic mind, passion for success and customer empathy to add value to your organisation. 

Contact us for more detailed information on our technologies and solutions, or explore our website.

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