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The Ideal Metal Detector for Food Inspection

With the ability to detect small metal foreign objects in packaged food, the GLS is an outstanding food metal detector.


Memory Capacity for Over 200 Products

Due to its advanced technology the GLS MD has the memory capacity to store information covering over 200 products. This makes it the perfect metal detector for food inspection when there are a large number of items being produced and packaged at once.


Modular Design

The modular and customisable design of the GLS makes it the perfect metal detector for a fast growing fresh produce business. Details such as belt length and width, transport height and encoders can be specified to suit your application.


Easy to Take Care Of

A new sophisticated and hygiene focused design allow this food metal detector to be easily cleaned, ensuring that you comply with the highest workplace regulations.


Fulfill High QC Standards

With fast and precise processing technology the GLS safeguards you from having foreign contaminants go undetected in your products. This will help you to comply with the high standards that supermarkets apply to food products.

Metal Detection

Strawberry Springs - Customer Testimonial

Luciano Corallo, winner of the Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year Award, is a strawberry farmer located in Milgrove, Victoria. They approached Matthews in wake of the pins found in Strawberry crisis, to find an inspection solution to help safeguard their business.

"The industry saw a need to problem and a need to put in metal detectors to improve their food security, (so) We approached Matthews via recommendation of others"


Why Choose Matthews?

We interviewed a range of industry professionals including customers, business partners and suppliers from around the world asking just one question - Why choose Matthews? Watch to find out exactly why you should choose Matthews too.


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