iDSnet Manager – Powered by OFS

iDSnet Manager powered by OFS is an integrated Industry 4.0 software solution that helps manufacturers make significant gains in productivity, via the delivery of a real-time production information and paperless digital factory solution.

With live-dashboards and extensive analytics, proactively uncover production constraints and improve your plant's overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Digitize and transform your factory by replacing error-prone paper processes (such as QA) with searchable, auditable, time-stamped electronic forms, that trigger based on real-time events occurring on your production floor.

Accessible on any web enabled device, iDSnet Manager powered by OFS delivers insights that will help you make smarter, faster and more informed decisions.


iDSnet Manager


This integrated module provides users with a centralised point of control for all coding, labelling and inspection equipment to help deliver seamless overall equipment effectiveness software and automatic QA reporting and analytics. All OEE dashboards and downtime data is displayed in real time, so you can respond to situations as they are happening. As a result, your business is able to achieve continuous improvement and successfully drive LEAN and Six Sigma strategies.

iDSnet Manager powered by OFS, ensures that the right code, is on the right product and is placed at the right time, whilst also delivering valuable insights across production performance measures. It creates a truly paperless workflow system for production lines to enable manufacturing and continuously drive improvement. QA reporting and the recording of downtime becomes seamless, providing significant cost-savings and line efficiencies through the Matthews iDSnet Package Code management solution powered by OFS.


Benefits of iDSnet Manager Powered by OFS

  • Enable end to end traceability on the production line
  • Reduce operator input by having an automatic allocation of downtime, job starts and production counts
  • Centralised and integrated point of control for all coding, labelling and inspection equipment 
  • Create a paperless workflow system
  • Real-time manufacturing efficiency data
  • Instantly alert operators to what's happening on the production line



Matthews Technology Overview

At Matthews we provide a range of coding, labeling and inspection solutions to help meet your production line needs. iDSnet Manager powered by OFS provides your business with greater insights to your production line and gives you the ability to unlock Industry 4.0 and increase your OEE. By connecting all your coding, labeling and inspection equipment into one central control point you're helping your business save time and money and gain real-time data to help improve your production facility processes.

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