Promotional Coding

Boost sales and generate brand loyalty with promotional coding solutions from Matthews. Our coding technologies and expertise make it easy and cost-effective to tap into the power of on-pack promotions for your business.

There are two basic types of codes for running pack promotions: Quick Response (QR) codes and alphanumeric codes.

While alphanumeric codes are not as new and exciting as QR codes, they are proven to deliver valuable benefits. They allow you to run a temporary on-pack campaign without repackaging your product, which makes them an extremely cost-effective way to generate a buzz and quickly boost sales.

Depending on the type of technology you have on your production line, various types of data and graphics can be printed on the pack. Speak to our experts in the early stages of your promotion design for help with execution feasibility and ideas.


Create a winning on-pack promotion

To ensure a successful on-pack promotion using promotional coding, you need to follow 3 essential steps:

  • Get the right codes: Finding a way to generate unique alphanumeric codes and keep a track of them is critical for any on-pack promotion. Matthews’ iDSnet can help you do that. iDSnet can generate and manage promotional codes as well as keep a record of what’s printed. All codes are stored in a central database along with the product information. With a streamlined system, message changes for the printers are quick and easy to do from one central location to ensure the correct code is put on the right product at the right time. You can also have generic or custom QR codes.
  • Print clear, visible codes:Ensure you place the code in the right place, and ensure it clear and visible to the consumer. Avoid lamination, small sizes and poor colour contrasts for QR codes. Speak to Matthews for more expert advice.
  • Get creative: To make your promotion stand out, the trick is to get creative and reward your customers with something they will want to come back for again and again – whether that’s an engaging website or fantastic prize.

Whatever your on-pack promotion, you need to make sure you use a technology solution that is flexible and can manage the promotion on the production line. Contact Matthews for expert advice.


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