iDSnet Manager powered by OFS

Providing seamless connection between production line equipment and business

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iDSnet Manager powered by OFS is an integrated industry 4.0 software solution that helps make significant gains in productivity, via the delivery of a real-time production information and paperless digital factory solution. 

With live-dashboards and extensive analytics, proactively uncover production constraints and improve your plant's overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Digitize and transform your factory by replacing error-prone paper processes (such as QA) with searchable, audit-able, time-stamped electronic forms, that trigger based on real-time events occurring on your production floor.


Enabling end to end traceability on the production line

  • The ability to integrate the iDSnet Manager powered by OFS software into all coding, labelling and inspection equipment, makes the production facility a connected space and provides critical information and insights to businesses from the start to the end of the line.

A centralised, integrated point of control

  • Seamless integration between iDSnet and OFS means all coding, labelling and inspection equipment can be controlled from one central point on the production floor. This means you can tell the technology what to print and when to print it, in a non-time-consuming process.

Visibility from any location 

  • iDSnet Manager powered by OFS provides increased visibility to businesses due to its ability to connect the production line to the cloud. As the software can be linked to smart devices such as phones and TVs, you can see how the production floor is operating and performing from outside the production facility in any location.

Increase production floor efficiency

  • Recordings of downtime shift changes and QA reporting is a seamless and easy process that can be done in a matter of clicks. Efficiency on the production floor can therefore increase due to operators spending less time logging, reporting and transporting log sheets around the floor, which can take up valuable production time.

Receive alerts on multiple devices across the business

  • Receive alerts straight to your phone or computer even when you're not on the production floor. Thanks to a series of prompts and alerts, you can be kept informed of what's occurring on the production line form any location. 

Why iDSnet Manager powered by OFS?

  • With iDSnet Manager powered by OFS ensures that every product has the right code printed, at the right time, whilst helping to provide insights into the production line and facility to ensure that manufactures are continuously driving improvement.  
Data Capture
Ingredient Lists & Nutritional Panels
Two Dimensional Codes
Carton Coding
Primary GTIN Barcodes
Date Codes & Batch Codes

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