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Loosening the one-child policy and the deadly 2008 melamine contamination of local product have driven continuing high demand for infant formula in China.

But exporting baby formula to China is not open to just any foreign manufacturer. 1_Camperdown serialisation codes

In 2013, China clamped down on the flood of foreign infant formula companies. Importing manufacturers must provide the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA), plus meet a series of requirements under the Infant Formula Milk Powder Production License Examination Rules (2013).

Product inspection, product safety-control and product traceability come under the Infant Formula Milk Powder Production License Examination Rules. 

Starting from scratch, Gavin Evans says Camperdown Dairy International took the opportunity to research cutting-edge product ID technologies. This took about 12 months, partly concurrently with gaining Chinese Government accreditation. 

 “We went on the education journey with several suppliers. Some would just provide the hardware and were saying, ‘Good luck finding a solution on the rest…’ That didn’t work for us. Some provided a total service offering, but it was the Matthews’ offering of a total solution, the flexibility in getting it up and running, and their approach that won it over, along with the knowledge of the team.”


“This is a rapidly evolving area in terms of consumer product, and Matthews provided excellent insight into the market trends around this style of coding and the equipment. They provided the solution for both the hardware — the laser — and the software and cloud-based traceability system through their relationship with Trust Codes.”

“But they were also prepared to share the risk with us and to move this forward on a tight timeframe, which showed their partnering spirit rather than just as an ‘arms length’ equipment supplier.



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