Infographics for the manufacturing industry

Counting the cost of a recall
It’s difficult to calculate the true cost of a recall; no incident is the same as the next, and many factors come into play. You need to consider the scale of the recall (how many customers?); the stage at which the item is recalled (has it reached store-level?); and add in any fines or penalties incurred. But recalls are avoidable!
Serialisation 101 for product traceability
Serialisation has gained momentum in the Dairy industry with the new Infant formula regulations from China but the potential is huge across food & beverage when manufacturers consider the risk to public health and safety from counterfeit products, and the increased regulation and compliance in some industries and countries.
The ultimate packaging checklist in one simple package
If your packaging ends up in the recycle bin, then it’s worked. From the manufacturing plant, to the supermarket shelf, packaging is an opportunity to ensure product quality, promote your brand and sell your product. This simple checklist highlights all the things you should be thinking about from different perspectives i.e. supply chain, production, consumer...
Top 5 reasons to upgrade your coding, labelling and inspection equipment
When it comes to product ID and inspection equipment, you need maximum efficiency, minimum operating costs and every minute of production possible. The problem is many manufacturers choose to replace their product ID and inspection equipment when it’s already too late. This approach is not only costly, it can result in products leaving your plant with poor quality codes (which customers can reject) or, worse, no code at all. This infographic flags the signs.
Top 5 things to consider when buying a datecoder
When it comes to choosing a date coder, there are always options available. So how do you pick the right coder for your application? Selecting a date coder without first clearly defining your requirements can cause issues for your business. So how do you make sure your firm has the right technology for its needs now and well into the future? Though every firm’s needs are unique, there are some things that every company should consider when investing in a date coder.
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