Matthews Technology Selector

The Matthews technology selector is a tool that we have developed to aid your research process when seeking a coding or labelling solution

Please provide all the inputs for Steps 1 through 5 to see the results at the end.

With our vast experience in the industry, we can help you to pick the solution that best fits your requirement so give us a call on 1300 CODING Not only that, if needed we can also customise solutions for you.

Step 1

Do you wish to print directly onto the substrate or apply a label?

  • I wish to print directlyDirect
  • I wish to apply a labelLabel

Step 2

What is the height of the message in mm?

Step 3

What is your line speed in m/min?

Step 4

What substrate are you printing onto?

  • I am printing on to cardboardCardboard
  • I am printing on to filmFilm
  • I am printing on to food or produceFood or Produce
  • I am printing on to glassGlass
  • I am printing on to metalMetal
  • I am printing on to palletsPallet
  • I am printing on to paperPaper
  • I am printing on to plasticPlastic
  • I am printing on to shrink wrapShrink Wrap
  • I am printing on to textilesTextiles
  • I am printing on to woodWood

Step 5

What message type are you printing?

  • I am printing GS1 BarcodesGS1 Barcode
  • I am printing Internally Used BarcodeInternally Used Barcode
  • I am printing Used by DatesUsed by Date
  • I am printing Data MatrixData Matrix
  • I am printing Ingedients PanelIngredients Panel
  • I am printing Nutritional PanelNutritional Panel
  • I am printing Simple Alpha Numberic messagesSimple Alpha Numeric
  • I am printing Simple LogosSimple Logo
  • I am printing Complex logosComplex Logo
  • I am printing Line or Dot MarkingsLine or Dot Marking

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