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Vision Inspection systems are an important tool on production lines to inspect product quality in real-time. Matthews’ range of vision inspection solutions are designed to help you make your packaging process leaner and more reliable, so you can drive a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Matthews provides an advanced range of systems for real-time inspection, guidance, identification, measurement, tracking and counting – in many diverse industries.

We can provide solutions to:

  • Check closure seals
  • Inspect presence, position and formation of a code
  • Validate presence and positioning of labels
  • Check graphics/ design elements
  • Provide packaging validation
  • Inspect product for fill levels, content, shape, size etc.
  • Inspect rigid containers (e.g. bottles, cans, boxes) to ensure they meet dimensional and cosmetic requirements
  • Sort products based on marking

Vision Technology Solution

Vision solutions are typically built with several components including:

 Hardware Software  Other integration considerations: 
  • Lighting/ Illumination
  • Cameras/ Lenses
  • Controller/ PLC/ PC
  • Material Handling
  • Tools
  • Algorithms
  • Controlling software
  • Stand alone vs. integrated
  • Tested across product range on the line
  • Training & ongoing maintenance
  • Initial programming


To scope the project and recommend the right technology, we consider several factors including:

  • Number of products and variants that run on the line
  • Type of inspection (Code, Presence, Gauging, OCR, OCV, Pattern Match)
  • What constitutes a pass or fail
  • Handling of rejects 

 We would recommend the best fit solution (Cognex, SICK, Datalogic or any other) based on your application requirements.

Complete integrated solution

You can have a complete solution by integrating your coding and labelling systems with real-time inspection vision systems – all managed by Matthews’ iDSnet software. With iDSnet managing the product identification process, you can rest assured that the right code is placed on the right product at the right time. Vision inspection technologies can be implemented as part of the solution to verify code/label presence, position and formation. And where there is no code/label present, the product can be directed to a reject bin or to a different conveyor to get recoded. The result is a completely automated packaging process and greater efficiencies. 
In addition, iDSnet Manager can provide full reports on reject rates, reject reasons, and more. 


Vision System Design

At Matthews Australasia we take pride in the custom design of each project. Whether you are looking for a single sensor accept/reject style system or a far more complex system using multiple cameras and sensor arrays, we have the experience and supplier relationships to ensure your expectations are exceeded. Our Vision System Design process begins with a meeting between the customer and one of our experienced Application Engineers.

During our Vision System Design Meeting we input all aspects of your requirements including product specifications, working environment, production line details, special requirements into our project evaluation and management system. We collect samples and videos of lines in action and measurements. This allows us to properly scope each project and tailor a system to your requirements.

Key considerations throughout our vision design process include:

  • Product specifications (size, shape, orientation etc.)
  • A clear understanding of what a pass and a fail is
  • Lighting selection
  • Camera type
  • Lens selection
  • Reject requirements
  • Stands, brackets & various accessories
  • Software & databases
  • Operator access requirements
  • Operator Feedback (ideally visual)
  • Safety & Fail-Safe requirements

    If this list looks too long then the items could be grouped into categories, for example: 

    • Product specifications; pass and fail determination
    • Vision system hardware – camera, light etc. selection
    • Rejects, brackets, stands and accessories
    • Software
    • Operator considerations
    • Safety and fail safe requirements

    The information is then gathered and provided to our expert engineering team who will tailor a system to suit and provide options that may add additional value. Along with providing you quality equipment, Matthews can also supply complete systems along with installation, training and documentation. 

    What we need from you:

    It is quite common to receive an inquiry where the customer is not sure what they want. This is understandable since most people are not familiar with vision solutions and their capabilities. However, it helps everyone if you can write a brief specification on what the problem is that you want to solve, along with some specifications and a clear distinction of what a pass is and what a fail is in terms of your product. Samples are also extremely important, so it's always helpful if you can provide pass and fail samples of your different products and provide these to our Application Engineer.  

    In order to provide budget or a formal price testing may also be required, if so charges may apply. If required, a formal quote will be issued which will describe the application, the inspection process and the price. For more complex application, following receipt of a P.O., a detailed specification may be issued for your sign off.




    Contact Matthews to find out the most suitable vision inspection solution for your application.


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