Basic Vision Inspection Systems

Achieve effective and lean manufacturing processes easily with basic vision inspection solutions. Together with iQVision's Vision Inspection Systems technology, Matthews makes it easy to achieve the benefits of a simple vision inspection solution. 

A basic vision inspection system is designed to satisfy one business process, giving a simple pass or fail. They incorporate few tools and are ideal for simple applications.

We can design a basic vision inspection system to requirements like: 

  • Closure presence: Ensure the closure is placed on a bottle or pack.

  • Code presence: Solution that verifies code presence or absence in one exact position.

  • Item count: Use smart cameras to count bottles and other containers within cartons. 

  • Label presence: Ensure perfect product presentation and confirm label is present.

  • Barcode grading: Ensure the barcode will scan at the point of sale.

Any of these systems can become complex depending on the different variables like:

  • Product presentation to the camera

  • Lighting conditions

  • Type of packaging (things like a reflective surface could make it complex)

  • Number of products, variants and SKUs

  • Line speeds

  • Space to install the system

  • Reject process required

  • Data capture required

Contact Matthews to find out how we can customise a basic vision inspection solution for your application.

Case Studies

TriMas Corporation
A leading Australian supplier of high quality automotive accessories wanted a robust checking system to correctly identify over 100 very similar parts.
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