The options for foreign object inspection in the food industry have long been limited. With our CheckSafe range, you finally have the choice: the solution is an automated product quality control system using the latest X-ray image processing technology in containment detection.

Checksafe 250

Compact inspection x-ray resulting in minimal disruption to already existing production lines.

Checksafe 400

The Checksafe 400 is the perfect food inspection x-ray machine due to being able to handle products with a high level of moisture or packaging containing metal.

XRE-D 250/400

The XRE-D is one of the only large inspection x-ray units that can be washed down, making it perfectly suited for production floors with wet areas.

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CheckSafe x-ray solutions images the inside of food products and detects foreign objects such as metal, stones, glass, bones as well as dense plastics. It simultaneously performs several different functions, such as shape, weight or content inspection.

Even products with a high moisture level or packaging materials containing metal are not a problem. To make it a perfect fit, CheckSafe range requires the least amount of installation space in the product line compared to any other X-ray device. The CheckSafe range compares favourably with any other food X-ray inspection system, yet the investment required is much less than for most X-ray units.


X-Ray Inspection of Fresh Produc - Detecting a pin in a punnet of strawberries

A live demonstration showing our X-Ray Inspection system detecting a small needle contaminant in a punnet of strawberries. Our metal detection & X-Ray systems can be used for inspection & detection of metal objects (ferrous and non-ferrous) across a wide range of fresh produce including bananas, mangoes, apples and more.



Advantages of a CheckSafe X-ray Inspection System

CheckSafe X250: Affordable X-ray inspection system

The most significant factors in the price of an X-ray based quality control instrument are the detector and X-ray generator. Unlike all the other X-ray systems producers, our roots are in the design, manufacture and optimisation of these key components. This enables us to greatly reduce the costs, so we can pass the savings on to our most valuable asset – our customer.


CheckSafe X400: Powerful in X-ray inspection system

With CheckSafe X400, we expand our unique product line with a device that combines the benefits of CheckSafe X250 with a wider conveyor and a remarkably larger detection area. It is especially designed for the inspection of larger food products, trays of smaller products and the inspection of multiple lanes.

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