Jl King Testimonial

JL King

JL King is an Australian-owned company that produces pre prepared salads and ready made meals and deserts. Located in Golden Square, Victoria, they supply their products to mainstream supermarkets, cafes, resturants, bakeries, bistros, schools and hospitals across the country.

JL King could see that there was an opportunity in their buisness to make their production lines more efficient and cost effective by automating them. They therefore approached Matthews to help in the labelling of their products that included information such as, product description, ingredients listing and date codes. Matthews suggested a Label Printer Applicator and with the help from this machine they can now get their products with the correct label and product information into the market in a more cost effective and efficient way. Watch the full video to see how the Matthews Label Print and Apply machine has helped JL King in making their production lines more efficient and automated.

Technology: Label Printer Applicator

Product: Evolabel A-series LPA


Product Date Codes