Vision Inspection

Optimise quality control with powerful vision inspection systems from Matthews. Designed to fit your business, Matthews’ vision inspection systems help you improve product quality, promote efficiency, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Base Solutions

A basic product inspection vision system that is designed to satisfy one business process, giving a simple pass or fail.

vision inspection solutions

A vision inspection system is designed to satisfy one business process, giving a simple pass or fail.

Introduction to Vision Inspection Solutions

Vision inspection systems are an automated, non-invasive and cost-effective way to undertake a product inspection in real time, ensuring the physical characteristics of products meet specifications. Accurately, quickly and objectively. Using cameras and software, the system visually inspects and analyses products against predetermined tolerances and criteria for your production line – in real-time and without operator intervention.


Implement Matthews’ vision inspection systems to:

  • Check closures for tamper seals, correct caps by colour, dimensions etc
  • Inspect presence, position and formation of codes e.g. date code, barcode
  • Validate presence and position of labels, match labels to other elements
  • Inspect product for fill levels, product content, shape, size etc
  • Inspect empty bottles, cans, tubes, boxes, tubs, and other rigid containers to ensure they meet dimensional and cosmetic requirements
  • Sort products based on marking
  • Take advantage of real-time inspection

Benefits of Vision Inspection

Our automated vision inspection systems make sure products are labelled and filled correctly, in-spec, compliant and shelf-ready – straight off the production line. This empowers your business to:

  • Automate quality control – enjoy a reliable system that delivers time and time again
  • Collect real-time quality data every time a product passes through for inspection
  • Optimise throughput – use data to react to upstream issues faster
  • Improve overall quality – use data to fix issues upstream
  • Enable lean manufacturing and continuous improvement
  • Save costs – reduce waste and manual efforts

Fully integrated solutions

Automate the entire packaging process and increase efficiencies with a fully integrated solution. Matthews can integrate your coding and labelling systems with vision guided robotics – all managed by our iDSnet software. For example, if the automated vision inspection identifies that a label is wrongly positioned, missing or incorrect, iDSnet can trigger a process for this product to be directed to a different path for label reapplication or straight to the reject bin.


Areas We Service

We’re proud to supply premium vision inspection systems Australia wide. Our innovative products and solutions are available across Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and everywhere in between. Get in touch with our team today to see how your business can benefit.


Inspection & Compliance – Designed for Food Safety

Matthews inspection equipment has been designed to assist customers in complying with the highest food safety standards globally. Many of our Australian customers are supplying produce to Coles or Woolworths and each major supermarket is increasing its focus on food safety compliance throughout supply chains. Whether you need to comply with HACCP (or TACCP/VACCP), GFSI, BRC or GMP, our team can provide guidance on the best inspection equipment to suit your needs.

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