Label Applicator

Save valuable time, resources and costs of manual label application, with a Label Applicator (LA). Also known as in-line applicators, LAs are automated labelling systems that apply pre-printed pressure-sensitive labels onto products.

Novexx ALS 2X

A robust design ensuring pre-printed labels are applied accurately every time.

Novexx ALS 3X

Apply labels to products with ease, with this automatic label applicator

Automatically applying pre-printed pressure-sensetive labels onto products, Label Applicators (LA) are perfect to reduce the need for manual labelling. Matthews' highly reliable LAs can run at a rate of up to 60m per minute - with each label applied precisely. The clever design ensures they can be used from simple through to complex solutions, applying labels onto a range of surface types.

You can use LAs to apply primary labels to all shapes and sizes of retail products, as well as promotional or marketing labels onto pre-labelled retail packs. They can also be used to apply pre-printed barcode labels onto cartons or trays.

Without the print technology of a Label Printer Applicator (LPA), LAs tend to be the perfect alternative to the manual “slap-and-ship”.


Flexible technology for your business

Used for human and machine-readable information, Label Applicators (LAs) provide flexibility to suit your business. You can use a Label Applicator to:

  • Apply labels precisely to give your product a professional finish
  • Apply labels to flat, tapered or round surfaces
  • Apply multiple labels at higher speeds
  • Includes ability to print TUN labelling

Matthews’ extensive product range and experience allows us to meet simple and more complex applications – whatever your business needs.


Matthews Technology Overview

At Matthews we provide a range of coding, labeling and inspection solutions to help meet your production line needs.

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