Label Printer Applicator

Streamline your label printing and application with a Label Printer Applicator (LPA). As the Australian market leader for barcode print and apply, Matthews provides the right solution to fit your business.

Evolabel A-Series

Our class-leading Evolabel LPA's have been ingeniously designed to provide more uptime, quicker label & ink cartridge changeovers as well as easy operation.

Label printing systems

Matthews' automatic Label Print & Apply (LPA) Systems print onto pressure-sensetive labels that are then automatically applied to products.Label Printer Applicators, differ from Label Applicators (LAs), which apply pre-printed pressure-sensitive labels.

LPA labels can be thermal direct or thermal transfer labels: thermal direct labels are thermal sensitive, while thermal transfer labels use ribbons to transfer the ink onto the labels. Depending on the application, Matthews will suggest the right type of labels for your business.

They're a reliable choice to print and apply high-quality barcodes onto product labels, automatically. And the design of our systems ensures you have the most reliable, easy-to-use LPA on the market.


Label Printer Applicators in your business

Label Printing systems are used for applying human readable and barcode information to many different products, generally cartons or pallets. Print and apply labellers can also be used for primary retail products, metal delivery stillages, timber, pipes and steel.

Because our label makers have excellent print quality, the barcode labels are fully compliant with all GS1 and retailer quality standards.

Pallet Label Applicators are easy-to-use, with integrated software allowing you to program the machine without a PC on the production line e.g. logic programming, such as dates.


Integrating and Networking LPAs

Matthews’ LPAs can be fully networked to iDSnet, our software integration package for easier label design and format change, quick product changeovers and real-time line status monitoring. This enables you to scan or look up a database of product and barcode information, and control peripheral devices, such as barcode scanners and weighing scales. Some LPAs can also print RFID Smart Labels.

With well over 1,000 LPAs installed around Australia – including the FOXIV label printer applicator – Matthews has the expertise to meet your business needs.




Weigh Labelling for Products & Cartons
Accurate Weigh Labelling for Products & Cartons

Automatic weigh labelling and weigh-price labelling from Matthews Australasia for high-speed inline or standalone weighing, label printing and application. Advanced weighing and printing technology streamlines your processes and improves accuracy.

Carton Labelling and Coding
Carton Labelling and Coding

Matthews’ carton labelling and carton coding solutions are an easy and cost-effective way to get high quality, robust labels onto your cartons. No matter the production environment or line speed. Learn more about our Coders and Label Printer Applicat ...

pallet labeling
Compliant Pallet labels that scan every time

Print and apply pallet labels that scan every time, with pallet labelling solutions from Matthews. With compliant SSCC pallet labels, you can speed your product’s time to market, enjoy better inventory control and save your business time and money.

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