High Resolution Printing

High Resolution Inkjet Printers provide optimum print resolution and high speed printing for large or small mark sizes. Everything you need to print crisp barcodes, graphics and text onto primary and secondary packaging.

Exceptional print resolution and versatility along with unparalleled levels of readability.


High resolution printing services provide the convenience of on-demand coding and branding. They are ideal when you need the highest quality print on corrugated boxes and other porous materials.


Benefits of High Resolution Inkjet Printers

Our range of Matthews’ MPERIA™ T-Series high resolution inkjet printers operate using piezoelectric technology to create crisp images, with print heights up to 100mm from a single printhead. These high-speed printers also boast superior ink efficiency, with up to 35% less ink consumption than competing brands, helping you save costs.

Some of Australia’s major grocery retailers do not accept barcodes printed on cartons, so you may choose to use our high resolution printing systems instead. Contact Matthews to find out the best high resolution printers for your business needs. 

Branding and marking solutions, built to last

Take advantage of high quality, durable branding & marking solutions from Matthews. From medical equipment to heavy industrial goods to timber, Matthews can provide flexible, advanced technology that works for your products.

Carton Labelling and Coding

Matthews’ carton labelling and carton coding solutions are an easy and cost-effective way to get high quality, robust labels onto your cartons. No matter the production environment or line speed. Learn more about our Coders and Label Printer Applicat ...

Next generation 2D coding

Pack more product information into less space with 2D coding. Take advantage of the latest two-dimensional codes for your business. With Matthews’ 2D coding solutions, it’s never been easier.

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