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Barcode Academy

Barcode Academy

In the precision-driven world of industrial operations, the understanding and correct implementation of barcodes is paramount.

Matthews is pleased to introduce a comprehensive online testing module, designed with decades of expertise in barcode systems and in partnership with major Australian supermarkets, to assist in minimising errors and enhancing productivity.

The Barcode Academy is designed to solidify your understanding of supply chain standards and help prevent issues such as recalls, withdrawals, and delays in DCs.

Keeping your knowledge and your team's knowledge up to date is essential for supplying to Australia's major retailers.

How it Works in three simple steps

Study up on the Barcode Learning Centre and 2D Barcode Learning Centre to build your knowledge.
When you are ready to graduate, take the 3 multiple choice quizzes on the Barcode Academy.
Upon successful completion, you will receive your own personalised certificate!

Understand Primary Product and Carton Labelling: Equip yourself with the knowledge to ensure every product and carton is labelled correctly, avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring a smooth supply chain process.

Master Pallet Labelling: With inventory often stored and moved in bulk, knowing how to correctly label pallets can significantly reduce warehousing errors.

Decipher 2D Barcodes: As technology advances, the use of 2D barcodes is becoming more prevalent. Learn how to correctly read and implement these to stay up to date with industry advancements."

These quizzes are not just evaluations, but tools to fortify your expertise, ensuring that every labelling task you undertake meets the standards of accuracy. Once you have studied up on the Barcode Learning Centre start the quiz modules below to test your knowledge and be awarded with an official Barcode Academy certificate. Get started now!