Capture Capture

Drive continuous improvement through real-time data capture and dashboards. Enable faster, better informed decisions with iDSnet.

Matthews iDSnet

iDSnet is a next generation Package Code Management solution with the power to transform your production facility. Matthews iDSnet allows you to have a centralised point of control for your production facilities integrate-able coding, labelling and inspection technology. Designed and managed by the Matthews dedicated inhouse software team, 24/7, we configure our iDSnet solution to suit your specific. This allows us to assist in streamlining your production along with reducing the risk of coding and labelling errors.

We can integrate with a variety of manufacturing and process software packages, including a range of industry leading ERP, WMS and SCADA solutions, allowing for quick product change overs and decreased information errors on your products.

iDSnet Manager – Powered by OFS

iDSnet manager powered by OFS provides you with a seamless connection between the production floor equipment, employees and the managment team. With this integrated solution you can see live dashboards and reports from your production facility, including real time performance and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Using a single interface iDSnet Manager powered by OFS can create a truly paperless workflow system to store production and trending data, compare line efficiency and get to know your true Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

By digitalising hard copy reports, simplifying data can now be a quick and efficient process helping you to make better, more informed business decisions in real time.