Training can be the difference between coding, labelling and inspection equipment that works seamlessly without missing a beat, and equipment that causes downtime.


Training for the Best Results

Our training sessions are designed to give you all the knowledge you need to maximise the performance of your equipment, reduce costly downtime, improve safety, enhance operator productivity, and more.


Matthews Training Course helps you

  • Get a better understanding of the equipment and line set-up
  • Learn how to safely, effectively and efficiently operate the equipment
  • Learn tips and basic techniques on how to better maintain your equipment
  • Know how to diagnose common faults

We have designed the course to cover the most common processes that, if performed incorrectly, can cause major operating problems. This includes replacing consumables and threading labels through properly, right through to the more complex processes such as moving equipment safely from line to line.

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Improve uptime with proper maintenance

Planned maintenance starts on the inside – with your team. Our training course can better educate your team about taking care of your equipment to help maximise uptime. Some tasks have multiple steps that must be performed in specific sequence or contain unusual operations. You may also have new staff members who have never conducted any form of maintenance. That’s where our training comes in.


Flexible training. Continuous results

We offer standard training packages for all our brands (Linx, Matthews, Solaris, Avery, Intermec, Datamax). You can also choose to have customised training depending on your needs. Training can be conducted onsite or at our branch training facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Operator Training

Training at this level is aimed at ensuring the production operators are proficient in operating the equipment on a daily basis.

For example, how to replenish consumables and select and edit messages. The training also covers daily housekeeping procedures.

Supervisor & Maintenance Training

Training at this level is aimed at ensuring the Supervisor or Maintenance staff are proficient in setting up the equipment & software.

It also goes over conducting necessary maintenance & basic trouble shooting tasks.


All installations are followed by basic operator training.

To get the best results, we recommend running our training course at least once a year. This means your staff are always refreshed on the right operating techniques, and any new staff members are up to speed.

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Contact us to speak to our Training Officer about customised training to suit your needs.