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Transform your production line with iDSnet D
By integrating all of your coding, labelling and other end of line packaging equipment, such as vision systems, checkweighers and scanners, iDSnet delivers a more streamlined operation with quick chan ...
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Transform Your Production Line with iDSnet
By integrating all of your coding, labelling and other end of line packaging equipment, such as vision systems, checkweighers and scanners, iDSnet delivers a more streamlined operation with quick changeovers, validation processes and error detection. With industry-standard connectivity, iDSnet allows you to integrate your coding, labelling and validation into your existing SCADA, WMS and ERP systems.
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Around the clock support
Nobody is better at servicing Matthews’ equipment than Matthews. That why, when you choose our labelling, coding and inspection equipment, you can rest assured your business is supported by experienced technicians with an impeccable delivery record, backed by our spare parts guarantee. We also offer a remote fault diagnosis facility via iDSnet software.
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Human Machine Interface
Control your connected coding and labelling devices from your tablet, smartphone or PC. Being networked, your primary, secondary and tertiary product ID can be controlled centrally, improving product traceability down the production line. Simple graphics on the intuitive iDSnet Portal are easy for operators to use and navigate.
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Product Coding and Labeling
Code, mark and label your product with our wide range of product ID technologies - from use-by dates and batch numbers to print-and-apply, inline or weight labels onto your primary product packaging. Ask the product coding and labelling experts at Matthews Australasia.
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Check Weigher
Drive targeted cost reductions and more transparency with Matthews’ checkweighing systems. Find out how our checkweighing solutions can benefit your bottom line.
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Vision Inspection
Inspect product quality in real-time with Matthews’ vision inspection systems. Our stand-alone and integrated vision solutions are designed to help you make your packaging process leaner, more profitable and more reliable, so you can gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
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Carton Print and Apply
Matthews’ carton labelling solutions are an easy way to get robust and compliant barcode labels and other information onto your cartons.
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Fixed Barcode Validation
Barcode validation is a critical element in the process, since a scanner on the line can easily check if barcodes are scanning properly or not.
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Pallet Print & Apply
Matthews can integrate your SSCC pallet labelling system into your production line, linking into your ERP/WMS (to improve warehouse control), other production line equipment or your overall business system (e.g. SAP) for real-time production recording. Synchronise your pallet and carton labelling to lift business efficiency and item traceability.
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Fixed Barcode Validation
A fixed barcode scanner integrated with iDSnet will verify a barcode is present on all your products — and that it’s correct and can be read, reducing the chance of customer rejection.
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RFID Tagging
RFID tags can be read at much greater distances and much faster than barcodes. Unlike barcodes, RFID tags can be implanted within the product, guaranteeing greater ruggedness and reusability.
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Handheld Data Terminal
Handheld devices and easy to use, fast, accurate and extremely versatile. They offer a variety of choices for collecting data. Choose from conventional laser, linear imaging technology or 2D decoding, for simple to complex applications across industries. Matthews can also integrate your handheld scanner with iDSnet, so you can use it to scan barcodes for quick product changeovers.
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Vehicle Mounted Data Terminal
Data terminals mounted on forklifts and hostlers allow data collection and inventory-control applications to be mobile around your warehouse. Ideal to use in cross docking, manufacturing work stations, shop floor, and other warehouse and distribution environments.
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RFID Tracking
Using RFID to tracking goods through the supply chain gives you access to more data at each point. They can show the precise status, such as which pallets have been produced, where they are in the supply chain, the elapsed time from manufacture to supply, and so forth.
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Primary Packaging
We can code, mark and label an endless range of products — from sausage “logs” for pizzas, to CDs, pot plants, fresh produce, mining bags, cosmetics, milled timber, metal industrial shed framing, beverages, chilled products and so on. We can also inspect individual products for weight and physical attributes, such as fill level and if the correct code or label is attached, if at all.
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Secondary Packaging
Once your products are in the carton, we can brand it any way you and your customers need: adjacent labels, or on opposite sides, or with promotional labels, on all types of secondary packaging — trays, cartons, shelf-ready packs, shrink wrapped packs and so on. We can also inspect those packs to see if all the elements are present, and verify that the carton is properly formed, sealed and undamaged, so you know it can quickly and reliably be palletised.
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Tertiary Packaging
Then once your cartons are loaded onto the pallet, we can label it (automatically or manually) for fast, accurate handling through the supply chain. Clear printing results in a fully compliant SSCC label, with human-readable text and scannable symbologies. Matthews can synchronise your carton and pallet labelling to improve your efficiency and traceability of each item going out your door. Integrate your pallet-labelling system with your ERP or WMS for real-time production recording and improve warehouse control.
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Capability & Expertise: How We Can Assist You
With over four decades in the business, we understand the challenges that face our customers in driving efficiency, accuracy and cost-effective processes in their supply chain. Matthews provides solutions to help you code your product with technology that suits your purpose and goals; check all product and packaging to eliminate coding and labelling errors; capture more data on the factory floor in real-time; and manage the process from one point of control.
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Customer Speak

Callum Young, co-founder and director, Cosmetic Innovation Australia
“The installation has allowed us to speed up our turnaround, which is the aim of the game — that was the idea of the labelling machine.” Read full case study
Jannelle Harris, Warehouse manager, AAA Packers
“They asked me, ‘What would you like to know? Do you want us to train anyone else?’. They came to me, I didn’t have to chase them. They asked things like, ‘Do you feel your people are confident? Are you confident?’. And yes, I am! I can ring service any time I need. I can’t fault this machine one li ...Read full case study
Kayne Gill, Director, Wet Fix
“We chose that particular machinery because it’s easy to use and it’s flexible — both speed wise and it allows us to code where we want. But we also chose it because of the print quality. We found other, similar options out there, but they didn’t seem to have as good a quality print at that speed. T ...Read full case study
Mike Lyons, Continuous Improvement Process Engineer, TriMas
“The vision solution from iQVision and Matthews is an excellent example of Poka Yoke, and allows us to provide our customers with the right product every time.” Read full case study
Paul Karavis, Production Manager, Patritti Wines
“We hadn’t worked with Matthews before, but I liked what they offered and the solution was certainly the best of the printers we looked at. It’s very simple to use, but clearly modern with its touch screen. Our operators found it easy to use — in fact it was so simple, it was easy to work out oursel ...Read full case study
Sandra Ceravolo, co-owner, R Ceravolo & Co.
“We use it to print product variety, pack dates, best-before dates and EAN13 barcodes for retail sale.” Read full case study

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Latest Blog Article

  1. 3 ways Australian manufacturers can avoid product recallsFriday, 15 February 2019
    3 ways Australian manufacturers can avoid product recalls

    Have you ever had to press the dreaded recall button?  In December, anurgent recall was issued for Nanna’s Family Apple Pie, which is sold at major supermarkets across Australia, for fears it could be contaminated with glass.  Earlier the same week, Charlesworth Nuts recalled nine products after pieces of metal were found inside a product in South […]

    Author information

    Andrew Key

    Andrew Key

    Product Manager, Inspection Technologies at Matthews Australasia

    Andrew Key has over 25 years’ experience with packaging machinery, inspection technologies and identification technologies. His career spans across organisations like Alfa Laval, TNA and others; helping manufacturers to effect process improvement using the latest technology from around the globe.

    In his current role as the Business Development Manager for Inspection technologies at Matthews Australasia, he is constantly looking at cutting edge technologies for our customers to improve quality control.

    Andrew grew up in the country and loves the outdoors. In his spare time he enjoys sailing, snow skiing, water skiing, bushwalking and camping.

    The post 3 ways Australian manufacturers can avoid product recalls appeared first on The Matthews Blog.

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