Pallet Labelling

Print and apply pallet labels that scan every time, with SSCC label solutions from Matthews. With the right pallet labelling systems, you can speed your product’s time to market, enjoy better inventory control and save your business time and money.

Honeywell Warehouse Label Printer

Robust, reliable, and high print quality, this warehouse label printer helps ensures production efficiency, reliability and uptime is kept to a maximum.

Pallet label printer applicator

With a new, enhanced and safety focused design, the Evolabel Pallet Label Printer Applicator makes it easy to label pallets efficiently and safely.

Matthews SSCC Labelling Solutions

Our robust and high quality labels help you meet the strict compliance standards for SSCC and pallet labels.

Pallet Labelling
iDSnet Cloud is here. Print labels online, for free.

Our simple to use cloud based printing tool to generate and print carton, crate & SSCC labels.

Introduction to Pallet Labelling 

Pallet labels can be applied at the point of manufacture or at the point of dispatch. They can be applied automatically using a Label Printer Applicator (LPA), or manually using a Label Printer. The label will contain both human-readable text and scannable symbols, including the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC).

For automated production lines, LPAs are typically installed at, or immediately after, the pallet stretch wrap station. When installed at the stretch wrapper, it’s common to interlock the LPA with the stretch wrapper to apply a serial shipping container code label on each fork entry side of the pallet. An unattended scanner can be used to read each carton barcode. The LPA will then use that information to print the appropriate pallet label on each fork entry side.

For smaller operations looking for manual pallet labelling, a label printer with the right software can be used to print pallet labels in the right format.


Compliant SSCC labelling

Your pallet labelling must be compliant with GS1 and retailer standards. GS1 Australia has set the standards for logistics labels, making it easy for manufacturers to ensure they have the best quality labels. Get it wrong and you risk your stock being rejected, lasting damage to your customer relationships and expensive penalties from retailers.

Both Label Printer Applicators and Label Printers will produce a fully compliant serial shipping container code Label (SSCC label), with a combination of human-readable text and scanable symbols. There are three key elements to a fully compliant label when printing on pallets: content, size, and application.

Learn more about how to produce a compliant SSCC label.

Integrated, automated pallet labelling

Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the pallet labelling process by integrating your sscc label into your pallet labeller on your production line. Using Matthews iDSnet software, you can automate the print, apply and verification process for both the GTIN carton and pallet label.

Matthews can also easily integrate a Label Printer Applicator into your ERP or WMS. For instance, a scanner on a forklift means when that pallet is picked up off the end of the line, the stock can be booked into the business’s WMS system.


Have Issues with your current SSCC labels?

To be more specific, following is a list of the most common pallet label fails according to major retailers.

  • Label position incorrect
  • No label in use
  • Duplicated/mismatch sscc label
  • Damaged label
  • Will not scan
  • Under stretch wrap
  • Pallet label on one side only
  • Incorrect product label duplicated (sscc label number already used in last 12 months)

SSCC Printer


Areas We Service

We’re proud to supply premium pallet labelling systems Australia wide. Our innovative products and solutions are available across Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and everywhere in between. Get in touch with our team today to see how your business can benefit.

Matthews Pallet Labelling

AUSPACK 2019 Recap - Pallet Labelling

At AUSPACK 2019 we demonstrated our extensive range of coding, labelling and inspection equipment. Watch this live demonstration of our Evolable Pallet Labeller, to see just how easy they are to use.

Pallet Label Printer Applicator

Evolabel FlexWipe - A Giant Leap for Pallet Labelling

Print and Apply machines are critical links in almost all kinds of production chains and in logistic centers, yet they are often overlooked and there is a great potential for improvements. For example today’s pallet labelers are big, slow and complex and cumbersome with many inherent safety risks. Evolabel doesn’t think they have to be and is therefore releasing a truly innovative, different and patent pending pallet labeler.

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