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iDSnet Express is a very simple way to integrate all your coding and labelling equipment.

Because it creates a single point for set-up of multiple coding and labelling technologies, it eliminates the need for data entry on the factory floor – saving time and reducing errors. It also means that no matter the type of coder, there’s a common operation method. The highly effective iDSnet Express gives you an error-free coding and traceability solution that’s streamlined and efficient. So you know your operation is fully quality controlled. It’s that simple.


One centralised point of control

  • iDSnet Express networks all your coding and labelling devices, whether they’re on the same line, or across multiple packaging lines, centralising control just to one single point. That means any time you change a product run, that change is effected down the entire production line. And because it’s all done with one simple operator action, your operators don’t have to remember to make the same change in multiple locations, which also saves your business set-up time. 
    You can even have control over your production line directly from the factory floor using the iDSnet Express Communication Interface Module – or CIM. Many manufacturers find this optional extra very useful.

Reduce coding errors on products

  • Having all your coding and labelling devices networked means the correct code is always placed on the correct product at the correct time. No matter whether it’s a barcode, date code or batch code, using iDSnet Express reduces the likelihood of coding errors appearing on your products.

One simple message design tool: so easy to use 

  • Designing labels and inkjet formats in iDSnet Express is very easy for operators, because there is just one simple tool to design messages. The WYSIWYG display (“what you see is what you get”) is straightforward for operators to create and edit messages for every piece of coding and labelling equipment that’s connected via iDSnet Express. They simply do this directly from a PC.

Easy integration into your production line 

  • iDSnet Express easily integrates with a host of production-line equipment, such as compliant coders, desktop printers and labellers. You don’t need any “special extras” to integrate this Package Coding Software. iDSnet Express is a complete traceability solution that’s very simple and very effective.

Connect your production line to the network

  • iDSnet Express is also a very clever way to connect your production line to your business’s network. In the case of any production line errors being detected, iDSnet Express will alert you via clearly visible status lights, alarms and error messages. Automatic emails for upcoming service requirements will increase your production-line efficiencies and service response times. You can also remotely access detailed log files and diagnostic information to increase your factory’s troubleshooting efficiency and give you a rapid response time to any issues.
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Promotional Coding
Two Dimensional Codes
Carton Coding
Primary GTIN Barcodes
Date Codes & Batch Codes
Manufacturing Software Integration

Matthews iDSnet Software Explainer

iDSnet Express is a Matthews software system that helps businesses manage their production facilities from one, centralised point of control. With iDSnet you can ensure that every product is correctly labelled and printed with the right code, in the right spot.

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