Drop On Demand Inkjet

Our range of Drop on Demand (DOD) large character inkjet printers are an incredibly flexible, reliable and durable solution that are able to mark onto a variety of substrates.

Large character coding and marking in challenging industrial environments and packing applications.


Matthews provides a range of robust DOD printers suitable for large character coding onto secondary packaging and directly onto timber and hardware products, e.g. steel pipe, timber and roofing.

Each print-head contains several individual valves (usually 7, 16 or 32) that print dots at regular intervals. Arranged in a single column, the valves are able to open and close independently. They form ink drops "on demand" to form printed characters onto your product as it moves adjacent to the print-head – hence the name, drop on demand inkjet!


Benefits of DOD Printing Machines

  • Higher print speeds: Matthews has pioneered the design and use of micro-plunger valves, with the smallest and therefore highest resolution drop on demand inkjet printing machines on the market. Smaller valves means higher print speeds, of up to 4 m/s.
  • Lower costs: DOD inkjet printers typically have lower capital and operational costs than other inkjet technologies.
  • Exceptional flexibility: Drop-on-Demand printers can use a wide variety of inks to mark many different substrates. And they can make low to medium resolution marks over heights ranging from 2.5 mm to 128 mm – or even higher when print-heads are linked together. However, their lower printing resolution limits their application for most retail packaging.
  • Minimal maintenance: Drop on demand printing machines are very robust and reliable, requiring minimal maintenance. Matthews’ DOD printing technology is manufactured in Sweden, originally for the Scandinavian timber industry. It is therefore well suited to tough environments, with dust, shocks and vibrations.

Why Choose Drop On Demand Inkjet Printing solutions:

  • Highly flexible printing solution
  • Simple to operate
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Very robust and reliable
  • Able to mark many different materials

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