Ensure safety by eliminating coding & labelling errors, detecting foreign matter and ensuring correct weights.

Checkweighing Systems

Keep your product quality and costs in check with Matthews’ checkweighing solutions. Flexible, precise and easy to use, Matthews’ checkweighers help you assure product quality and promote efficiencies on your line.

Vision Inspection

Optimise quality control with powerful vision inspection systems from Matthews. Designed to fit your business, Matthews’ vision inspection systems help you improve product quality, promote efficiency, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Metal Detection

Protect your brand from product recalls and withdrawals with metal detection systems from Matthews. Easily installed and integrated into your production line, our metal detection systems help you ensure that every product that leaves your factory door is free from metal contaminants.

Barcode Scanning Technologies

Matthews’ range of barcode checking systems provide everything you need to simplify and streamline your data collection process. From handheld and fixed barcode scanners through to vehicle-mounted computers, we have the right barcode checking machine for your business – whatever the industry.


The options for foreign object inspection in the food industry have long been limited. With our CheckSafe range, you finally have the choice: the solution is an automated product quality control system using the latest X-ray image processing technology.