Check Check

Ensure safety by eliminating coding & labelling errors, detecting foreign matter and ensuring correct weights.


Checkweighing Systems

Drive targeted cost reductions and more transparency with Matthews' range of checkweighing systems. Designed to easily and efficiently provide accurate, automated solutions for manufacturers, our range of checkweighing systems deliver an exceptional return on investment. Checkweighing machines are a simple yet highly effective way to ensure that everything that leaves the factory door is the right weight.

Enable greater customer satisfaction, fewer stoppages, more transparency, brand protection and increased profits with a checkweighing system from Matthews.

Metal Detection

Our systems provide 100% inspection of every product and real time results, allowing you to quickly address any issues found. Easily installed and integrated into your production line, our systems are a reliable and cost-effective way to protect your brand from product recalls and withdrawals, providing you with fewer worries, knowing that your product is free from harmful contaminants.

Our metal detection systems easily identify ferrous and non-ferrous metals in both packaged and unpackaged items quickly and reliably. Combined with auto-reject systems, our metal detectors rapidly reject packages containing contaminants, ensuring your product and customers are safe.


Our range of X-ray systems provide the highest possible level of assurance that your product is free from dangerous contaminants. Designed to efficiently inspect products for a range of materials including stone, bone, glass and metal. With minimal human intervention you can guarantee your product is safe when it's sitting on sore shelves.

With our wide range of models, we can offer solutions to fit various applications from businesses wanting entry level machines to advanced systems for specialised applications.

Vision Inspection

Vision Inpsection systems are an important tool on production lines to inspect product quality in real-time. Matthews range of vision inspection systems and integrated vision solutions are designed to help make your packaging process leaner and more reliable, so you can drive sustainable competitive advantage and ensure the information on your product is correct.

Typical applications for vision inspection systems include: checking and validating the presence of specific aspects of a product such as print, lids or labels; position, oreintation and measurement of labels and Use By print.

Barcode Scanning Technologies

Matthews’ range of barcode checking systems provide everything you need to simplify and streamline your data collection process. Extremely versatile, our 1D and 2D barcode scanners can be used in different environments at a range of speeds whilst still providing accurate information. 

From handheld to fixed barcode scanners, we have the right barcode scanning technology for a wide range of industrial applications.

Inspection & Compliance – Designed for Food Safety

Matthews inspection equipment has been designed to assist customers in complying with the highest food safety standards globally. Many of our Australian customers are supplying produce to Coles or Woolworths and each major supermarket is increasing its focus on food safety compliance throughout supply chains. Whether you need to comply with HACCP (or TACCP/VACCP), GFSI, BRC or GMP, our team can provide guidance on the best inspection equipment to suit your needs.