Business Update
Matthews commits again to Foodbank’s collaborative pasta sauce program

03 August 2021
Product Recalls

Last year’s soaring demand for food relief, which increased 47% amid the COVID-19 pandemic, has continued well into this year.

Foodbank CEO Brianna Casey said Australia’s largest food-relief organisation was still responsible for ensuring food remains available to those in need, despite border closures and lockdowns – and, of course, panic buying.

“Unpredictable employment patterns and the broader economic fallout from COVID-19 has seen an increased need for food relief to Australians from all walks of life.”

Matthews’ CEO Mark Dingley said that’s a major reason that the product-ID specialist has committed again to be part of the Foodbank-Simplot Pasta Sauce Collaborative Supply Program in 2021.

“Matthews has been part of this for many years. Being a family-owned company, community commitment is a strong value for us.


“This year the program ran a little bit differently; instead of in-kind donations, it was a cash contribution, which allows Foodbank in these difficult times to make the best use of its resources for the front-line charities who are feeding vulnerable Australians and rely on Foodbank. When you think about the fact that Foodbank provides more than 70% of the food rescued for food-relief organisations across Australia, you realise how vital their work is.”

Australian Manufacturers

Foodbank’s Brianna Casey said the pasta sauce program was one of the first industry collaborations, beginning in 2011, and also one of the most successful.

She said charities were working very hard to feed, clothe, counsel, support and house people affected by lockdowns.

Mark Dingley said, “Australia’s manufacturing sector is strong and generous; Matthews is proud to do our part to contribute to Foodbank, knowing that there are so many other businesses in our sector also doing the same. If you haven’t already, now is the time to contribute.”