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Matthews’ new Lean-focused remote Care 24x7 enhances local help offerings

25 May 2020
24X7 Care

Based in Australia, Matthews’ new Care 24x7 service offers manufacturers of all sizes three levels of remote help, including diagnostics.

Andy Hecke, Matthews Intelligent Identification’s Technical Operations Manager, said, “Matthews’ strong capabilities across the Internet of Things and remote install will prove advantageous to many customers with our 24x7 Care. The new tiered offering will strengthen the way we help customers, and importantly, in many cases it will allow us to get a customer’s machine back online quicker.”

He said technology advances and capabilities have grown the potential for remote diagnostics, while increasing machine robustness.

“Care 24x7 builds on Matthews’ capability of resolving more than 70% of support calls over the phone. In these cases, it means we don't need to send a technician out to the site, resulting in a quicker resolution and meeting the continual aim to reduce downtime for our customers. It also enables businesses to further their drive towards attaining Lean functioning, including reducing what is known as ‘necessary waste’.

“With IoT, we now have the ability to see a machine’s ‘vital signs’ and optimise its functionality. This gives us the capability to lift our success rate of supporting our customers remotely to well above 80%. As well, with that information, we now have the opportunity to predict any issues, which speaks to the core issue for manufacturing: reducing unplanned stoppages to production lines.”

Care 24X7 Technicians

Local advantage

Mr Hecke said having the 24x7 help desk and remote diagnostic technical services run locally in Australia, rather than as an overseas help desk, had several advantages.

“Firstly, it instantly removes barriers such as language and time zones, but perhaps equally as importantly it also means our Care 24x7 technicians have a strong understanding of Australian manufacturing conditions.”

He said each of the three support tiers offers unlimited around-the-clock remote access support, so every customer with these programs knows on-shore help is at the end of the phone.

The Essential Care Program is a great general-purpose choice and is perfect for sites where production lines require an entry level of support and peace of mind of true 24x7 coverage. On top of that, the Complete Care Program is quite comprehensive in supporting uptime, risk mitigation and TPM & OEE functions. For instance, it includes scheduled tasks to mitigate the top five causes of machine failure and helps identify efficiencies and savings.

“The top-level Advanced Care Program really is a gold-standard customer-support partnership and is well suited to businesses needing the absolutely highest levels of support to help them keep optimising production output. For instance additionally, it offers a site or line-stoppage response and recovery plan and offsite data backup if applicable, along with our full range of hardware and software remote diagnostics capabilities.”

Mr Hecke said having the three tiers meant customers could choose how they needed Matthews to support their equipment.

“Every business is different, with individual needs. It all means our customers – no matter their size – remain focused on their core business activity and continue maximising their productivity and output. Having internally standardised packages reduces the costs and waste in Lean terms associated with support delivery, maintaining capability so it’s there when customers need it. Our aim is to consistently deliver predictable quality outcomes for our customers.

“Service has always been a priority for us, so we keep looking for ways to improve that.”

Customers can choose a one or three-year membership to each of the three tiers. For more information, see

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