Business Update
Matthews says hello to refreshed brand … as the Chameleon continues to adapt

21 March 2019

By Mark Dingley, CEO, Matthews Australasia

In two years, Matthews Australasia will reach an important milestone: our 40th year. In preparation for that, today we’re announcing another milestone: a refreshed Matthews brand.


While a lot has changed in 40 years, in another way it hasn’t: we still hear from customers telling us our solutions have transformed their businesses, streamlining processes, ensuring the very best products leave their factory doors, contributing to making their businesses sustainable in the long term.

All these customer stories add up to something much, much bigger: an entire industry where, through streamlined processes, the very best products leave the factory doors of long-term, viable, sustainable Australian manufacturing businesses.

Being part of both the smaller and bigger story is very motivating. It makes us want to keep doing our best and keep building the absolutely best company we possibly can.

Brand Reveal for Matthews Australasia

Since being appointed CEO in 2017, I have had the honour of overseeing a company whose technologies and solutions improve Australian manufacturers’ businesses very seriously. There’s another factor in there too: I know that by improving Australian manufacturers, we’re actually improving the lives of those who work in and own these businesses. How? By giving them peace of mind their customers are buying products that meet specification and are fit for purpose. Products that proudly fit the manufacturer’s brand. Eliminating unnecessary rework or the need for recalls saves wasting the precious resources of time and money, thus improves people’s lives.

Last year we also evolved our vision and mission statements. So we’re very clear on what we stand for and why we do what we do. Our vision is to enable Australasian makers and movers to provide their consumers with products safely and efficiently. We’ll do this by consistently delivering predictable, quality outcomes to our customers and stakeholders by being a high-performing, innovative and agile organisation. Our mission statement is to be acknowledged as the most intelligent, innovative, reliable and efficient product identification, traceability and inspection solutions provider in Australasia by eliminating waste, mitigating risk through the supply chain and building brand trust for our customers, thereby ensuring safety to the people who consume their products.

So we’ll keep searching the globe – and supporting this with our own R&D – for our core technologies and solutions that advance Australian makers and movers. We will also continue to invest in our ability to keep improving the customer experience, with a number of unique and innovative technologies and resources that sustain and backup our strategic 24/7 CARE approach to supporting our customers.

With all this in mind, we felt it was important that our brand reflects the growth in our expanded, deepened solution offerings and crystallised vision and mission statements.

Since introducing our Chameleon brand in 2001, it’s become synonymous with the integration of intelligent identification, as well as quality products and support. It represented then, as well as now, something we do well: and that is adapt. Adapt to the marketplace. Adapt to our customers’ changing needs. This ability to make changes to reflect its environment are among the Chameleon’s unique characteristics. And that is why we are changing our branding.

But while adaptation is constant, it’s not every day a business changes the brand and a logo that represent who it is, so a lot of thought has gone into this.

Rather than toss it out and begin again, as many companies do, we’re “adapting the adapter”: we’re giving the Chameleon a thoroughly modern feel to bring it into line with who Matthews is today – and tomorrow.

Today, our offering stretches across not only coding & labelling, but is fully inclusive of integrated traceability & authentication solutions. Together with inspection solutions, we are enabling an increased level of brand protection for our customers – all solutions that are essential in Australian manufacturing competing in a challenging global environment.

After nearly three decades in our old premises, we moved into our new home in mid-2018. These purpose-built facilities marked a new phase in the Matthews’ journey. This new space is a home where we can expand our R&D focus in world-leading code, check and capture technologies – and ensure we can offer our customers the full care they need through service, training, and onsite and remote assistance.

Along our company’s 38-year, two-generation journey, we’ve adapted to our environment too. So this brand change also reflects Matthews’ own changing environment with IoT, smart factories and Industry 4.0 being very much a part of business and manufacturing moving forward.

Our journey has been strengthened by our legacy, and we are very proud of this refreshed Chameleon branding that so perfectly describes Matthews’ adaptability. While we will always continue to innovate, our focus will remain on what Australian manufacturers need, and how we can continue to adapt our technologies to support their products being delivered to their customers safely and efficiently.

That is why the change to our brand reflects the technology business we have become, and, more importantly, the business we will continue to develop into as we embrace the future and new horizons.