Printing on Bottles

Print on plastic bottles and glass bottles with speed and consistency.

Printing on Bottles

Whether you are printing on glass or plastic bottles, Matthews helps you meet the tough demands of bottle packaging processes for compliant codes every time.

Printing on Glass Bottles

The toughest challenge when printing on glass? Ensuring high quality codes in wet environments.

You need a bottle printing machine that will code onto wet bottles without sacrificing high line speeds or compromising the durability and legibility of the code.

Matthews offers glass marking solutions that provide reliable operation and consistent results in challenging environments.

Protect your brand

Stop copy cats in their tracks with permanent glass marking onto your bottles. Laser marking codes and complex logos directly onto your bottles make it harder to counterfeit your brand, enable better traceability and faster recalls.


Printing on Plastic Bottles

Printing high quality codes on plastic bottles isn’t as easy as it sounds. You are dealing with wet, damp or cold production lines, the effects of condensation, disturbance by over-sleeves and secondary packaging, and high-speed lines. Plus you need to know your codes will remain stable throughout the supply chain and shelf-life.

Print on plastic containers with speed, clarity and consistency with Matthews. Drawing on our wide range of technology solutions and vast experience, we will help you overcome the challenges of printing on plastic bottles to deliver a superior result every time.

Propel your productivity

Printing consistent codes in high volumes at rapid speeds? Yes, it is possible.

We offer powerful coders designed for high speed bottling lines. Best of all, our experts will help you implement the solution and provide on-site training for operators to ensure your production line runs at optimum levels.

Our Recommended Solutions for Printing on Bottles

Continuous Inkjet

Get reliable, precise and consistent printing on PET and glass bottles with a Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ) from Matthews. CIJ printers produce exceptional quality codes on a range of substrates and irregular products at high speeds. Learn more


Create high-quality printing on bottles with our laser product marking solutions. Laser is a fast and cost-effective way to mark permanent codes onto glass and plastic (including PET) bottles without the extra cost and hassle of consumables and maintenance. Using a laser coder to mark directly onto glass bottles delivers codes that higher quality and easier to read. Learn more

In-Line Labelling

Unlock the advantages of accurate, reliable and cost-effective in-line labelling systems for your bottled products. We can customise the ideal in-line labelling system for your production line, so you can be confident in consistent, professional results. Learn more

Drop On Demand

For plastic bottles, a Drop on Demand (DOD) inkjet printer offers the advantages of lower operational cost, flexibility, reliability and low maintenance. Use a DOD printer for moderate resolution, small to medium character printing on plastic bottles. Learn more

Thermal Inkjet Printers

Print high quality codes on plastic bottles with a Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) from Matthews.TIJ printers create exceptional quality codes on plastic substrates, even at high line speeds. Learn more

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