Printing on Cans

See your coding productivity and quality soar with printing on can solutions by Matthews.

Printing on cans

Canning operations are up there with the fastest packaging lines in the world. This means printing on metal cans requires specialist equipment that will keep pace with your production line and ensure your codes are fully compliant and 100% accurate.

Create codes you can trust

Clear and legible codes are vital on any canned product. Whether you’re coding food and drink cans, or something larger like a drum or keg, you need to be confident your product can be easily tracked and traced throughout the supply chain.

We work closely with you to ensure you have the best solution for your unique application. So, you can be confident the correct code is applied on the correct can in the correct location – and it will stay clear and legible no matter what the supply chain throws at it.

Direct printing on cans

No need for a paper or plastic label. With a direct printing system, ink or laser marking is applied directly to the surface of the metal can. This is an especially robust and durable marking option for printing on kegs, drums and other large items.


Our Recommended Solutions for Printing on Cans

Continuous Inkjet

Get reliable, precise and consistent printing on cans with a Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ) from Matthews. CIJ printers produce exceptional quality codes on a range of substrates and irregular shaped products at high speeds, making them ideal for canning facilities. Learn more


Create high-quality printing on cans with our laser product marking solutions. Laser is a fast and cost-effective way to mark permanent codes onto aluminium cans, kegs and drums without the additional hassle and cost of consumables and maintenance. Learn more