Printing on Flexible Packaging

Unlock the advantages of flexible packaging with Matthews

Flexible packaging

Demand for flexible packaging in the food manufacturing industry is growing fast. Growth of the flexible packaging market is predicted to reach $282.6 billion globally by 2022 (Smithers Para, 2018).

Flexible packaging offers unparalleled opportunities to boost brand visibility, increase sales, protect products, improve shelf-life, and save on transport and storage costs.

Flexible solutions to meet your needs

We know the challenges of printing barcodes and information on flexible packaging. You need to print high-quality codes often at high line speeds.

Let us customise your solution to ensure you have compliant codes every time:

  • Print on film, shrink wrap, pouches, stand-up pouches and box bags
  • Suitable for wet and dry environments
  • Print at high line speeds
  • High quality coding on various materials, including foil
  • Seamless integration with your packaging line
  • Simple to operate and maintain

Pouch printing to impress

Display your products in their best light with pouches. Pillow pouches and stand-up pouches are the fastest-growing product category within flexible packaging.

Our coding experts will work with you to deliver compliant and cost-effective pouch printing that will impress your retail customers.

Printing on sleeves made easy

Printing on shrink wrap, sleeves or film comes with its own challenges. Coding needs to be durable, water proof and fade-resistant, so it last even when the product encounters moisture or friction.

As a GS1 Strategic Alliance Partner, we provide specialist sleeve printing solutions to produce high-quality codes that are fully compliant and durable throughout the supply chain.

Printing on sachets

Sachets are an ideal packaging solution for product samples and small quantities. Our world-class printing solutions will ensure you create accurate, compliant codes on foil sachets while maximising production.

Our Recommended Solutions for Flexible Packaging Printing

Thermal Transfer Overprinting

Create crisp and long-lasting printing on flexible films with a Thermal Transfer over printer (TTO) from Matthews. Thermal Transfer Over printers produce crisp, clear barcodes and information directly onto flexible packaging and foil products.

Thermal Inkjet Printers

Print high quality codes on pouches, film and shrink wrap with a Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) from Matthews.TIJ printers create exceptional quality codes on flexible packaging, even at high line speeds. Learn more

Continuous Inkjet

Get accurate, reliable and precise product marking and coding on flexible packaging with a Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ) from Matthews. CIJ is a fast and consistent way to print high quality codes onto a range of flexible packaging substrates. Learn more


Create high-quality results with our laser product marking solutions. Laser is an extremely fast and cost-effective way to mark permanent codes onto flexible packaging without the hassle of consumables and costly maintenance. Learn more

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