Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal transfer printer ribbons come in all different shapes and sizes. At Matthews we can help you choose the right type of ribbon that will give you both exceptional print quality andhelp you maximise your printhead life.


When choosing the type of ribbon to use, you should consider:

  • Type of printer
  • Substrate of product
  • Production line speed
  • The type of code/text printing
  • The type of label you’re printing onto

Matthews ribbon can be used for the following types of printers:

  • Thermal Transfer Overlay
  • Label Printer Applicator
  • Carton Printer Applicator
  • Pallet Printer Applicator
  • Label Applicator
  • Desktop Label Printer

Comparing ribbons

Row Wax Wax-Resin Resin
Storage 5-35?C, away from lights 5-35?C, away from lights 5-35?C, away from lights
Water Resistant Yes (100%) Yes (100%) Yes (100%)
Light Resistant Yes (7.5/10) Yes (7.5/10) Yes (7.5/10
Heat Resistant 60?C 150?C 180?C
Printing speed and quality 300mm/s @ 80% sharpness 300mm/s @ 95% sharpness 250mm/s @ 95% sharpness
Best type of barcode format Horizontal barcodes Horizontal barcodes Horizontal Barcodes