Timber & Hardware

Product Identification & Traceability for Pallets, Grading, Panels, Unit Stack & Retail Marking

Few materials offer the versatility of timber. For centuries, lumber has been processed into beams and planks for structural purposes, used inside on flooring and furniture, wood chipped into paper and even used in musical instruments. Timber in the manufacturing process has become more sophisticated utilising technology such as machine vision and computer aided sawing systems to minimise wastage whilst improving operator safety. At every stage of the timber value process, Matthews leading range of wood printing, branding, and marking solutions offer automated integration enabling product traceability and authenticity.

Pallet Marking & Branding

Pallets are a critical mechanism to transport and store inventory within and between organisations and amongst freight and logistics intermediaries. Pallet Manufactures commonly utilise timber in construction, however plastic, metal or corrugated cardboard is also available.

Pallet identification and traceability solutions typically employ either stencilling, stamping or integrated industrial inkjet printers that imprint not only branding information, but also key compliance logos such as the IPPC, and EPAL marking. Increasingly, pallet printing utilises larger character drop on demand (DOD) printers to provide better legibility that can be more easily read at a distance.


Common Pallet Product Identification Needs

  • Manufacturer Branding & Logo’s
  • 2D Barcodes, Compliance Codes
  • Unique Identifiers, Batch Information, Alphanumeric
  • Refurbished Pallet Marking

Matthews range of Drop on Demand inkjet solutions are ideal for pallet branding due to:

  • 1. The robust printhead design - capable of handling challenging and dusty production environments.
  • 2.Low maintenance solutions and large volume ink containers to minimise interactions.
  • 3. Rapid setup times – Electronically managed variable print on demand
  • 4. A wide array of black, white and colour inks to compliment your branding requirements.
  • 5. Scalable solutions enabling more printheads, larger prints or faster speeds.
Timber and Hardware

Lumber Grading & Barcoding

Matthews’ advanced technology and expertise makes it easy to print alphanumeric and geometric technical specifications, as well as branding, on various grades and lengths of timber. Even at high speeds in demanding, hot and dusty environments.

Because timber generally moves along a production line in random order, we can link the coders to your timber mill’s grading system. This means the specifications for each stick coming down the line are known automatically, and the printed message is adjusted accordingly – without any operator intervention and OH&S risks.

Large Character Drop on Demand (DOD) inkjet printers are popular in mills for timber marking, plasterboard printing and printing on pallets, as they are robust and can easily withstand dust and vibrations. They can also print at speed, helping to improve your throughput. Depending on the application, other coders or labellers can also be used to code timber.

Matthews can provide a tailored solution for your hardware or timber marking business – talk to our experts today.

Technologies & Applications
High-Resolution Inkjet Printing
High-Resolution Inkjet Printing
High Resolution Inkjet Printing
High Resolution Inkjet Printers from Matthews have everything you need to enjoy high quality, on demand printing for your product packaging. It’s never been easier to print crisp barcodes, graphics and text onto primary and secondary packaging.
Label Printing and Application
Branding and Marking Solutions
Reliable and Durable DOD Inkjet Printers
Discover low cost, flexible Large Character Drop On Demand Inkjet printers from Matthews Australasia. Our robust, low maintenance solutions are ideal for printing onto secondary packaging and timber & hardware products.
Label Printing and Application
Branding and Marking Solutions
Branding and marking solutions, built to last
Take advantage of high quality, durable branding & marking solutions from Matthews. From medical equipment to heavy industrial goods to timber, Matthews can provide flexible, advanced technology that works for your products.

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