DHL Australia

DHL Australia

Dhl Australia Customer Testimonial

DHL Australia is an Australian leader in the logistics industry, specializing in shipping, courier services and transportation. At their Horsley Park distribution center they supply most major fashion retailers with their products and process over 3000 cartons a day. DHL needed a machine that could continuously and reliably keep up with their high volumes of carton turnover without having the quality of labels deteriorate over time. 

Their request to Matthews was for a machine that could run continuously with minimal downtime, have quick label change-overs, produce clear and high quality labels on every carton and a machine that wouldn't negatively effect their staffs work environment; we suggested an Evolabel Label Printer Applicator. 

With the Matthews solution now installed, they are able to print and apply high quality labels on every carton and have been running continuously for 6 months with quick label change overs, allowing them to efficiently and effectively get products to their customers. 


Technology: Label Printer Applicator 

Product: Evolabel Carton Label Printer Applicator