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Carton Label Printer Applicator

Print and apply labels onto the front, back and duel side of your cartons effortlessly.

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Designed specifically to print and apply labels onto adjacent sides of a carton, the Evolable Carton Label Printer Applicator is highly suited to label cartons at high line speeds.

With the ability to corner wrap and duel side label cartons, the box labelling machine is fast, precise, and reliable every time, to help ensure labels stay on the carton and are clear and easy to read and scan.


Label Cartons at high-line speeds effortlessly

With printing speeds of up to 160mm/sec, this box labeller is perfectly suited for high line speeds, so your business dosen't need to slow down its production levels.

Assist in producing generic packaging 

Print product unique carton labels on demand, reducing the need to store stock of pre-printed carton labels. Talk to one of our product specialists today about the potential for savings within your business after a move to a generic-packaging platform.

Corner wrap cartons with ease

With the newest technology and applicators, the carton label printer applicator can wrap a single label around carton corners in one smooth motion. This helps to reduce the number of labels that need to be applied to products and stored in-house.

Superior European Design

Thanks to the modern, simple and straightforward design of the Evolabel carton labeller, it's intuitive to operate and changing printheads and label rolls is done quickly and with ease, so your production lines don't stay down for long.

Weigh Labelling
Product Labelling
Primary GTIN Barcodes
Date Codes & Batch Codes

Box Labelling - Evolabel Carton Label Printer Applicator

The Evolabel carton label applicator is designed to apply 2 labels on adjacent sides of a box or simply at the front or back in high speed. It is also perfect for corner wrap applications, where one part of the label is applied on the front and the other part of the label is wiped around the corner to the top or side of the box.

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