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Got a niche production line report or application that requires a custom build? Trust our iDSnet team to deliver.

Our dedicated iDSnet development team have the skills to assist in making iDSnet a scalable solution that’s the optimum fit for your business.


Local developers you can trust

  • Primarily based at our head office in Melbourne, the iDSnet team has grown to support the needs of a wide range of Australian manufacturing businesses. When you need to contact us for support you can rest assured that the person you are speaking to is the same person who will be writing your code! No more lost in translation challenges that might be experienced when dealing with overseas-based technology companies.

Drive Efficiency 

  • iDSnet is designed to help business capture data that results in positive results and drives efficiency. iDSnet can capture production information that will help give insights to business (ie; the number of correct codes going onto products) and data entry pain points which leads to improved production facility performance.

Designed to adapt to unique production environments

  • We recognise that no manufacturing environment is the same and so we adapt our software to suit your individual requirements. Once properly configured, iDSnet will help your business gain specific and unique insights

Years of experience 

  • Matthews iDSnet has been a part of the Matthews product family for over 20 years. Our solution has evolved as the needs of businesses and the manufacturing industry has changed contributing to the longevity, reliability and trust iDSnet has within businesses.
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