Our innovative product range will allow you to create efficient and effective processes whilst ensuring your products meet all requirements set by your supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers and customers.

For industry leading coding and marking solutions that meet national and global standards, choose Matthews. Our coding and marking tools ensure your products can be tracked as they move through your supply chain and onto shelves.


Ensure your products meet your high standards with our checking systems. Measure weights and quantities and check for foreign contaminants - all critical steps in reducing waste and tightening your bottom line.

Continue to improve your production line and strive for 100% efficiency with our capture software. Connect your equipment and processes into one convenient location, via the cloud, with our cutting-edge Matthews iDSnet solutions.

The Matthews team is here to support your business in all your endevours. From maintenance and training to quality supplies and an extensive range of resources, we have everything you need to succeed.

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