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Export control marking for meat and meat products

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DAFF or Export Control Marks are marked labels that are applied to products exported out of Australia. Controlled by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, companies need to have a DAFF Export Certification and an approved up-to-date license to obtain a certified mark and to export meat/meat products. 

The approved information that needs to be included on a DAFF meat export label is;

  • Authorised registration number of the business
  • Place of inspection (E.g. Australia)
  • Type of product (E.g. Lamb, beef, halal meat)

What to know about Export Control Marks

Each type of meat/meat product label has specific mark dimensions

If a tamper proof carton seal is broken or not applied correctly, the product will be rejected

Carton seals require:

  • A verified business registration number
  • A combination of letters and number associated with the manufactures mark
  • A combination of numbers and letters unique to each mark

If a carton seal is broken on inspection in Australia and approved for export, a new carton seal will be applied that notifies the country it's being exported to of its inspection 

Different countries require different marks 


How iDSnet DAFF Can Help

There are strict requirements that need to be met to comply with all DAFF and exporting regulations. To help ensure that these regulations are met, and products aren’t rejected when exported – resulting in large costs for business – implementing iDSnet can help monitor and safeguard the product, marks and labels being printed and applied to exported goods. 

With iDSnet software every print is recorded for both exported and non-exported goods. This means that if your product gets rejected due to not meeting regulations, all information of the product and its history on the production line can be obtained including; 

  • Who started the run
  • When and where the run was started
  • Batch information and batch number

Return on Investment Opportunities 

As Matthews and our iDSnet software solution are authorized manufacturers of DAFF approved marks, we can help guide, print and monitor your businesses exporting marks. 

Investing in iDSnet software can significantly reduce the overall costs of printing and applying DAFF meat official export marks, as you no longer need to pay for each printed label. This can help decrease costs associated with exported meat products as you only need to pay for the initial investment of the software and labels, rather than pay-per-print. This allows you to quickly make a return on your business investment.  

Features of iDSnet that help safeguard the process of accurately marking and labelling exported products are;

  • Password protected system – only one person per facility and an iDSnet Software expert know the password to access information.
  • At the start of a run, iDSnet checks to see if the selected product is linked to the department format files. It makes sure what’s being printed is for the right product and is compliant to Australian exporting standards.
  • Only a Matthews iDSnet Software specialist or a departmental authorized officer in charge of your business site can load images (of any kind) into iDSnet. This ensures product and company information isn’t tampered with or accidentally changed by a third party.
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