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Matthews can help you choose the right barcode scanning technology for your application. Working with the leading technology brands, we can provide a wide range of fixed barcode scanners to suit your unique environment and need.

With the help of the Matthews software solution iDSnet you can easily record barcode and print information and check the quality of prints, while the product is still on the production line - so you don't loose your efficiency!


Our range of fixed barcode scanners

Datalogic barcode scanners

  • Combining advanced technology, intelligent design and robust reliability, the vast range of Datalogic barcode scanners can read every barcode type in warehouses, logistic centres and manufacturing plants. The scanners promise the speed and reliability you need to manage goods and track merchandise, regardless of whether you’re scanning a 1-dimensonal or 2-dimensional code. Speak to Matthews for more information on Datalogic barcode scanners.

Cognex barcode scanners

  • Cognex provides advanced barcode scanning solutions for warehouse, distribution and fulfillment centres. Combing the benefits of image-based readers with user-friendly, low maintenance laser scanners, Cognex barcode scanners provide a flexible solution for every application. Cognex scanner feature exceptionally high read rates, thanks to image-analysis technology which lets them read codes that other laser scanners and readers cannot, including damaged and poor quality barcodes. They can also read 2D barcodes. Contact Matthews to find out how Cognex barcode scanners can work for you.

SICK barcode scanners

  • Developed by one of the world’s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications, SICK barcode scanners are designed to accelerate logistics and automation processes. Even with poor quality or damaged barcodes, the scanners boast excellent reading performance for continuous process flow. High scanning frequency means you can benefit from fast process speeds for operational efficiency. And the compact design saves space and reduces costs. Matthews can help you select the right solution for your application from the SICK barcode scanner portfolio.

Connecting iDSnet to your Barcode Scanners

  • Connected barcode scanners can validate your product barcodes whilst still on the production line. 
  • Installed on production lines, you can immediately validate that your product has had the right barcode printed and label applied. This fast and efficient process means errors in labels can be identified and corrected quickly ensuring no product is incorrectly label when it leaves the production floor. Having barcode scanners that are connect to iDSnet on the production line also assists in capturing product data as efficiently as possible. When the product is scanned, the product information is recorded and saved in your companies database. You can recall this information whenever you need to gain insights into production effectiveness and efficiency. 
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Barcode Validation

AUSPACK 2019 Re-Cap: Barcode Validation

With AUSPACK over for another year, now is the perfect time to re-cap on what was another great show. At the show we showcased our barcode scanning validation systems, where using a scanner, it was confirmed that the SSCC label applied to the pallet had the correct label applied, in the correct placed and it was of a high quality to be scanned easily. Being able to scan SSCC labels so efficiently, right after they're applied, ensures that the production line can continue to grow it's productivity by having an efficient process in place that can identify any mistakes with the label early, helping to reduce the need for re-work and costly disposal of products.

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