Line Performance & OEE Software

Integrate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software that helps manufacturers make significant gains in productivity by offering real-time data and a paperless factory solution.


"The Matthews' system has been brilliant. It gives us real time information, we can analyse hour by hour, we can pin-point where our stoppages are and through this we've been able to improve our OEE significantly." - Stephen Butler, Chobani 

Production Line Analytics & Alerts

What you can't measure you can't manage! Turbo-charge your measurement with our real-time production line analytics platform.

iDSnet Manager powered by OFS

Provide a seamless connection between the production line, employees and the management team with iDSnet Manager.

iDSnet Flow powered by OFS

Join the Industry 4.0 revolution and digitize your production workflows with iDSnet Flow. Enable next-level QC in your factory!


With live-dashboards and extensive analytics, proactively uncover production constraints and improve your plant's overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and line performance. Digitize and transform your factory by replacing error-prone paper processes (such as QA) with searchable, auditable, time-stamped electronic forms, that trigger based on real-time events occurring on your production floor.

Accessible on any web enabled device, the range of iDSnet solutions powered by OFS deliver insights that will help you make smarter, faster and more informed decisions.


iDSnet Manager


These models deliver seamless overall equipment effecitveness and automatic QA reporting that provide businesses with real-time insights into their production efficiencies.

Line performance and OEE software create a truly paperless workflow system for production lines. QA reporting and the recording of downtime becomes seamless, providing significant cost-savings and line efficiencies through the Matthews iDSnet Package Code management solution powered by OFS.


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We’re proud to supply premium coding and labelling systems and software Australia wide. Our innovative products and solutions are available across Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and everywhere in between. Get in touch with our team today to see how your business can benefit.



Matthews Australasia - Overview

At Matthews our vision is to enable Australian makers and movers to provide their products to consumers safely and efficiently. We know the value of your products and how much they mean to people. We provide technology solutions to support your identification and inspection needs to deliver traceability & inspection requirements.

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