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The Linx PrinterNet Platform provides real time remote access to your printers from a web browser on any desktop or mobile device – anytime, anywhere. PrinterNet is a cloud-based software that connects to Linx printers and provide users with real-time machine visibility, select remote management capability, and enhanced “On Demand” technical support.



Key Benefits of Linx PrinterNet


Real Time Insight

  • View connected printers real-time status via dashboards, laptops, etc.
  • Customise and create automated email alerts for yourself or team.
  • Customise notifications for faults, warnings, consumables and printer interactions, personalising for each user/group when you need it.

Printer Management

  • View current and previous messages for each printer.
  • Transfer messages between connected machines.
  • Request remote software upgrades to unlock new features / improvements.
  • Remotely control printers from your PrinterNet account*.

Business Continuity

  • Backup system settings & messages to the cloud.
  • Restore machines from previous backups.

Enhanced ‘On Demand’ Support

  • Connected machines further enhance our ability for on demand technical phone support before any technician is dispatched.
  • Matthews can view live advanced printer diagnostics and may be able to address remotely depending on the issue.
  • Matthews can also connect into your printer* to help resolve certain issues.

*Note, this requires the user to allow this function on the printer first.

Not all problems can be simply resolved remotely, but with one of the largest technical support teams in our industry, combined with Linx PrinterNet, our combined online/onsite support is further empowered with advanced knowledge before technicians arrive on site enabling them to troubleshoot faster and where possible, bring suspected replacement parts to get the line up and running faster.

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