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Accurately labeling cartons of any size with ease

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Ensure cartons of all shapes and sizes are labelled correctly and accurately while keeping up with production output demands with our logistics label printer applicator. 

With smart, innovative technology, the Evolabel logistics label printer applicator can meet the unique needs of your DC centre, whilst ensuring high quality labels are on all cartons leaving your centre. 


Accurate label placement on cartons of any size

To reduce the need for multiple lines and machines to label varying carton and product sizes, our logistic labellers can accurately place labels on cartons of variable heights accurately and automatically. We integrate our scanning technology to detect the height of the product and feed that information to the Label Print Applicators (LPA’s) that will then calculate the corrected delay for accurate and repeatable print and apply labelling to the required placement position. 

Innovative E-Tamp technology that reduces compressed air consumption

The innovative e-tamp (electric applicator arm) technology ensures that your labels are correctly placed on your cartons each time, whilst helping to reduce compressed air consumption by up to 90% and the risk of damaging products. Designed with an industry leading labelling solution in mind, you can have the peace of mind that your labels are applied correctly and consistently to assist in increasing uptime and reducing costs and errors due to poor quality label application. 

Reduce carton handling downtime 

Easier label change overs, quicker servicing and a magnetically aligned printhead, helps to reduce the amount of downtime your distribution centre experiences due to your logistics labeller. Having a machine that is efficient to run and look after, allows you to spend more time labelling your cartons and getting boxes out the door.  

Precision at high line speeds

Our logistics label printer applicator can label cartons at higher speeds compared to a standard labeller, due to its state of the art design based around uptime and ease of use. This makes them ideal for fast moving and high traffic distribution centres, as they can easily keep up with high volume loads, ensure output levels are met and make sure your business runs as efficiently as possible.

Customisable to suit your unique application 

We understand that your business has unique needs and so your equipment can’t be a one-size-fits-all machine. The modular design of our logistics label print applicators means they can be customised to suit the application whilst utilising common parts reducing the number of spares required.


Carton Coding
Carton Coding
Warehouse Label Printing

Evolabel Logistics Label Printer Applicator

Eight Evolabel T63 QuickTamp applicators in a new logistic center in The Netherlands applies shipping labels from above on boxes of up to 800 mm height variation. Four parallel production lines, each with a capacity of 1500 packs/hour are equipped with two QuickTamp system per line (duty standby).

In-line Labeling

Evolabel QuickTamp - Fast and Friendly Logistics Label Printer

e-Commerce drives in-line labeling requirements to higher levels. Evolabel logistics label printer applicators help to eliminate the bottleneck that can be experienced due to the variety of box sizes that go on a single line. With the QuickTamp applicator and smart Evolabel technology, carton size can be identified as it's coming down the line so labels are printed and applied accurately each time - making it the fast and friendly Logistics Labeling System.

Pallet Label Applicator Melbourne

Evolabel Wipe G2 Applicator for a Logistics Label Printer

The Evolabel Wipe G2 applicator is designed to apply 2 labels on adjacent sides of a box or simply at the front or back in high speed. It is also perfect for corner wrap applications, where one part of the label is applied to the front and the other part of the label is wiped around the corner to the top or side of the box. With a tactile, smart arm you can be sure that each box that passes through your distribution center will be label accurately, safely and efficiently. 

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