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With powerful performance and rugged design, our range of handheld barcode scanners have everything you need to drive productivity on the ground.

With our family of handheld scanners, you’re sure to find something for your unique scanning environment and business – however large or small. Matthews’ experts will not only help you select the ideal handheld scanner, we also help you implement it in your business for the best results.


Our range of handheld barcode scanners include:

Pocket Scanners
  • Designed for rugged environments, these scanners feature Bluetooth® wireless communication to keep you connected and high-performance 1D or 2D images. Perfect for the busy mobile worker, the lightweight cordless design will easily fit into your hand or clip to your belt.
Rugged Barcode Scanners
  • The wide range of rugged handheld barcode scanners provide the convenience of scanning automation, with features you need. Robust and reliable, these scanners are designed to withstand harsh and challenging environments including temperature variances, dust, weather and drops – so you can keep your business running. Choose from 1D linear imaging, 2D area imaging and laser scanner configurations.
Scanner Accessories
  • Select from a wide range of scanner accessories to help you get the most from your handheld scanning technology, including wireless base stations.

The partners that provide our high quality range of scanners include

  • Honeywell
  • Datalogic
  • Sick

Validation of barcodes with iDSnet and Mobile Scanners

  • Connect your handheld scanner with iDSnet to ensure you're able to capture and validate your production line data. With our range of handheld scanners, you can easily and efficiently scan product barcodes, date codes and two dimensional codes to ensure that the right code is on the right product. This can all happen while the product is still on the production line making sure that the production process isn't held up.
  • Capturing data around what leaves the production floor is easier than ever as when a product is scanned, that information can be recorded in your comapnies database, to assist with product and production facility management. 
  • Being able to validate that the right code, is on the right product is crucial if you want to ensure that consumers, businesses and logistic services receive the right product information. Validation of barcodes is also an essential, required step to help reduce the likelihood of your products being rejected or recalled due to incorrect labelling.
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Data Capture
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