Mperia T-Series

The Next Generation in an Inkjet Generic Packaging Printer

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Matthews Mperia T-Series High Resolution Printers represent the next generation of inkjet generic packaging printer technology.

With optimised drop control, high speed printing capabilities and easy-to-use interface, the T-Series provides an exceptional high resolution print solution for your business. And because it is designed to be flexible and scalable, you can rely on the T-Series to meet your organisation’s growing needs.


Top Features & Benefits of the Mperia T-Series Generic Packaging Printer

  • Premium quality: With patented Trident delivery system, the Mperia provides exceptional print resolution and versatility along with unparalleled levels of readability.
  • Flexibility to suit your needs: Ideal for printing on porous materials, the T-Series printheads perform in a comprehensive range of challenging packaging and industrial environments and can print vertical, horizontal, and/or down. From 2mm to 1000mm, prints can be achieved on either one of two sides depending on the controller.
  • Future proof: Depending on your choice of Mperia controllers, this system can grow with your business’s coding requirements. Today you may need a 50mm high font, but 6 months from now you need 200mm – with Mperia, it’s no problem.
  • Scalability: Because you can add additional features as they are required, you only need to purchase the core system once. Simply adjust the options to meet your current needs with confidence that you can upgrade as required:
  • Easy to use: T-Series high resolution printheads are operated by the new Mperia platform, which makes message programming simple. With 7”, 12” and 15” touch screen display, the interface allows simple and intuitive creation and selection of messages, including alphanumeric text, barcodes and graphics. And you can manage multiple production lines and printhead groups from a single interface.
  • Minimise costs: The safe, non-pressurised ink management system is safe and non-pressurised with a unique ink cleaning system that recycles ink and minimizes ink consumption. Inks feature a “no bleed” formulation.
  • Effortless integration with ERP/MRP/WMS systems.
  • Can work with your business to produce high quality, generic packaging.

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Two Dimensional Codes
Two Dimensional Codes
Carton Coding
Carton Coding
Mperia High Resolution Printer

Mperia High Resolution Printing

The Matthews Mperia High Resolution Printer, is able to produce crisp images on high speed lines for small to large character heights.

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