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AUSPACK 2022 Wrap: Here’s what you missed

02 June 2022

And that’s a wrap on the biggest trade show since pre-pandemic days. Read on to catch up on what you missed.

AUSPACK never disappoints when it comes to new ideas, innovations, technologies and tonnes of opportunities to network with fellow industry professionals – and 2022 was no exception.

Over 250 suppliers displayed the latest in technology and leading-edge solutions under one roof. Speakers took to the floor to talk about all things from supply chain and procurement, preventative maintenance and materials and packaging design to network security, the circular economy, the future of manufacturing and warehousing, and more.

With so much to see and experience, here’s what you might have missed from right here at Matthews Australasia:

2D Barcodes

All things 2D Barcodes

We know 2D barcodes are the future, and that’s why we launched our online 2D Barcode Learning Centre on day one.

The 2D Barcode Learning Centre is a big time-saver for everyone from manufacturers and brand owners to exporters and retailers. It answers your specific application questions and ensures you get 2D coding right first time.

Get your questions about 2D barcodes answered and learn the basics including:

GS1 Australia joined us on the stand for the whole week, with coffees pouring at our very own GS1 café. The GS1 team were on hand to help answer your questions about 2D barcodes, as well as all things barcoding. GS1's Andrew Steele was also on a panel at the AUSPACK Leaders' Forum to discuss opportunities presented by industry's adoption of 2DBarcodes across Australian retail.

Our CEO Mark Dingley is co-chair of the National 2DBarcode Advisory Group. In this interview with Tracey Kelly-Jenkins from GS1, Mark explains the step of transitioning from pre-printed to in-line printing for 2D barcodes, and why it is critical to work with experts to ensure the transition is sustainable.

Digital Support Zone

The pandemic has accelerated the need for remote support solutions, and we took the opportunity to demonstrate how we give our customers 24x7 support, in-person and remotely.

We are exploiting a range of technologies to achieve this, all of which were on show at AUSPACK:

  • Drift: Self-help using our chatbot solution
  • Industrial Augmented Reality wearables solution for remote customer support
  • Printernet: Enables our technical experts to interact with the printing technology remotely.

In this AUSPACK video interview, our technical operations manager Andy Hecke spoke with Lindy Hughson about all the innovative technologies on display.

“It’s all about keeping our customers up and running, and helping them optimise speed of issue to resolution,” Andy said.

2D Barcodes

FreshChain and Matthews partner for end-to-end fresh food traceability

On Day 2 of AUSPACK, we announced our new strategic partnership with FreshChain Systems, enabling and delivering rich data insights for end-to-end fresh food traceability from farm to fork.

This strategic partnership combines the strength of Matthews’ on-demand printing and labelling solutions with FreshChain’s Australian-owned and recognised digital end-to-end fresh food traceability and provenance platform.

The result?
Rich, real-time data insights.

Producers can seamlessly link critical data through the supply chain to provide consumers full assurance around product authenticity, freshness and provenance.

With the dynamic FreshChain GS1 Digital Link QR code, brand owners have the opportunity to connect their physical packaging to the digital mobile world that consumers now expect. Producers can also connect with consumers and gain direct feedback on product attributes and environmental credentials.

Watch the announcement

2D Barcodes

APPMA Awards

In other news, we were proud to be announced as finalists for the APPMA Awards of Excellence Community Contribution Award with our iDSnet Cloud solution. The simple-to-use cloud-based printing tool lets you generate and print labels online, for free.

While we didn’t win this time, we would like to extend our congratulations to Foodmach Pty Ltd for Project Med-Con.

We were thrilled to celebrate victory for GS1 Australia for the Packaging Design Innovation Award, which was won by the 2DBarcodes innovation.

2D Barcodes

A taste of innovation

Once again, we had a full range of coding, labelling, inspection, and traceability technology on display.

And what better way to show laser marking in action than by marking containers of chocolate?

In addition to showcasing solutions from many of our long-term technology partners, we gave visitors the chance to try out the innovative dashboard.

Visitors also had the chance to see:

2D Barcodes

And that’s a wrap for 2022!

We said goodbye to AUSPACK for the last time… because it has been rebranded as APPEX!

A huge thank you to everyone who visited us at the event, and to customers and partners for their support along the way.

Did you miss us at AUSPCK? Want to talk bout our solutions? Get in touch today.