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Matthews Australasia Launches a Free Online Barcoding and Labelling Training Centre.

08 November 2019
Industry News

Matthews Launches Free Online Barcoding & Labelling Training Centre

07 November 2019

As specialists in Australian coding and labelling, we are proud to announce that we are launching a new online toolkit to support manufacturers who supply to any of our major supermarkets.

Matthews Learning Centre

The centrepiece of our toolkit is the Barcode Learning Centre, which we have developed in collaboration with GS1 Australia. This feature covers educational information on each of the required barcodes and label types used by Australian industries, from consumer unit, carton and pallet level standards.

Mark Dingley, the CEO of Matthews, said that the new Learning Centre shows a commitment to delivering on our corporate vision.

“Our vision drives us to improve safety and efficiency throughout the Australian manufacturing supply chain. Our goal with the launch of these new online educational tools is that we are one step closer to achieving that vision in supporting Australian manufacturing achieve improved supply chain efficiencies.”

This range of barcode tools and resources were designed specifically to support manufactures that supply to the major Australian supermarkets, such as Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. For small and medium businesses, it can be difficult keeping relevant staff up-to-date across the extensive range of guidelines that exist within the industry.

Dingley continued by saying that a discussion with many customers uncovered a significant opportunity to assist in improving education surrounding barcode compliance. “The data tells us that the #1 cause for supplier rejects at supermarket distribution centres is errors relating to SSCC pallet labels. Using the tools and resources we have launched this week has the potential to save the entire downstream supply chain from manufacturer to distribution centre millions of dollars nationally by improving efficiency and compliance.

The Learning Centre was developed with GS1 and a number of major retailers and was designed in a clear and easy to understand format. Andrew Steele, the Retail Account Director for GS1 Australasia said “GS1 Australia is proud to have worked alongside Matthews in the development of their online Barcode Learning Centre, which we see as an invaluable tool to assist companies in understanding the fundamentals of how to produce quality barcodes that will ‘scan first time every time’.”

In addition to our new free tools and resources included in this week’s launch, we also offer a complete solution for package code management through our iDSnet platform. Some of the country’s largest manufacturers rely on iDSnet, which ensures the right code has been applied to the right product – every time. We have been in a long-term GS1 Strategic Alliance partner, next to brands such as Telstra and IBM for over a decade.

Barcode Learning Centre

Visit our new Barcode Learning Centre here.