Novexx XLS 2X

The Novexx high speed industrial label applicator 

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With exceptional versatility and robust design, the Novexx XLS series is designed for the application of pre-printed labels in any industrial setting – even the most humid or dusty environments. Built to ensure greater efficiency in your operation, the XLS 2X label applicators can be configured to operate as a bottom, side, or top apply device.

Together with low maintenance and easy use features, the XLS 2X series provides a robust solution to ensure labels are applied correctly whilst still ensuring a low cost of ownership. 


Top Features & Benefits of the Novexx XLS 2X

  • Faster dispensing speeds: Depending on the model, application speeds reach up to 50 metres/min, so you have much more flexibility to react to plant needs.
  • Versatile application: A variety of dispensing edges are available to meet labelling requirements and can apply to varying and difficult shapes, with an array of materials.
  • Minimise downtime: The material roll is easy to install and easy to remove, improving efficiency in demanding applications. Together with long label rolls this means less downtime for your production environment.
  • Robust design: Aluminium die mould construction, with no dust and water ingress, is an excellent feature for the food and beverage industries.
  • Easy to control: The XLS series display provides multifunction, intuitive menu structures and can be rotated for ease of use.
  • High performance: Complex, changing information is handled through an intelligent process, while maintaining excellent print quality. The XLS20X can process a large array of label types, including those that are traditionally difficult to dispense.
  • High levels of connectivity: Internet connection provides access to the label applicator's menu system to perform remote diagnostics.
  • Tandem application: The XLS 204/206 models can work together allowing a continuous production line, without having to stop to mount an additional label roll.
  • RFID ready: The units are RFID ready, including ‘bad tag’ separation
  • A range of Novexx models avaliable: The Novexx XLS 204 and the Novexx XLS 206. Both models are suitable for all self-adhesive materials and decorative labels, along with labels for logistical applications. With a label size of up to 160mm width, the XLS 204/206 models have great flexibility to meet the varying manufacturing and marketing needs of producers.

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Promotional Coding
Ingredient Lists & Nutritional Panels
Carton Coding
Product Labelling
Primary GTIN Barcodes
Date Codes & Batch Codes
Novexx Label Applicator

Novexx Label Applicator - Apple Container Labelling

Label Applicators are used for applying pre-printed labels to product including punnets, boxes and flexible film. This solution has been designed with flexibility in mind to allow for product specific information to be printed on demand at time of application, for example – barcodes, batch and date codes and other variable data and images.

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