Objective Quality Assurance Whitepaper

Machine Vision Inspection Systems

Packaging and process control: vision inspection is an automated, non-invasive and cost-effective technique to accurately, quickly and objectively check that goods meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

The human eye, while capable and flexible, cannot make fast, precise and repetitive measurements. A machine-vision, or vision-inspection, system can. Vision-inspection systems automate quality inspection and make it objective. Monitoring is in real-time, and goods not fit for retail shelves are rejected in line. These systems can also provide process control in applications such as sorting, picking and rejecting.

As the cost of these solutions has reduced, more manufacturers are realising that vision-inspection solutions, if implemented wisely, give them a competitive advantage and can increase return on investment.

The following benefits of vision technology are discussed in the whitepaper:

  • automated quality control
  • quality data collection
  • improved and optimised throughput operators to fix issues to improve overall quality
  • cost saving
  • reduced waste

This whitepaper explores how to best implement cost-effective vision inspection to monitor and prevent labelling defects choosing from the wide range of technologies.

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