Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Implementing OEE measures in the production environment to achieve operational excellence

OEE metrics and how to capture them

OEE is a globally recognised best practice measure to systematically improve processes for higher efficiencies and better productivity — ultimately leading to lower manufacturing costs and higher profitability.

iDSnet Manager provides an overall framework for measuring production efficiency for OEE, which is frequently used as a key metric in TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and Lean Manufacturing programs.

Performance data captured needs to be available in real-time to operators, maintenance personnel, supervisors and managers. iDSnet Manager does this by feeding data to production floor scoreboards for visual OEE, and in the production office with live dashboard reports, showing in-depth, real-time production line performance monitoring, giving actual production efficiencies, including idle times and breakdowns, plus reports on what’s causing production stoppages.

This whitepaper will interest those who want to improve plant efficiency cost effectively and increase their output.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

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