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iDSnet Packhouse Software allows businesses to increase the insights and data around their packing facility. 

Easily track, trace and analyse data surrounding the quantity and quality of fruit grades packed and the efficiency of your packers. Easily integratable into standard packhouse management software, you can have greater insights and connectivity into your packing lines efficiency and effectiveness. Not only this, with the abundance of information that can be captured and recorded you can have greater insights and references for future use stored in an easy access location. 


Increase packing floor insights

  • iDSnet for fresh produce packing can track and identify every carton that leaves the packing floor via its grade and its packer. This provides businesses with more insights around the quantity and quality associated with each grade of produce and their packers.

Ensure the highest quality 

  • With the packer ID being tracked on each carton, businesses can manage and identify who packs what carton, on which line and the quality of their packing. Not only does this assist in providing more information for QA checkers, but it also helps to manage employee administration information (E.g. amounts to be paid per box).

Uncomplicated integration with packhouse management software

  • iDSnet packhouse software has the capability to integrate seamlessly into packhouse management software. Integration of the two systems, can provide your business with greater insights into your packing line capabilities whilst also helping to ensure it’s operating as efficiently as possible.

Providing greater traceability 

  • Information surrounding the quality of the produce, who and when it was packed, allows for greater traceability options and information for businesses and consumers regarding the origin of products they are consuming and producing. More information means more trust from consumers and a greater ability for businesses to monitor their products, they're quality and consumption. 

Assist in recalls

  • As each carton barcode/label is marked with the produce grade, who packed it and when it was packed, recalls can be a relatively straightforward and painless operation. With iDSnet you can easily identify the affected cartons, when they were packed and where they went, reducing the need for all your products to be removed from the supermarket shelves and incurring the high associated costs.
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Data Capture
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Two Dimensional Codes
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Primary GTIN Barcodes
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